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Developer(s) Webzen Games
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Genre(s) Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

Metin2 is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) originally developed by Ymir Entertainment (now owned by Webzen Games) and originally released in Korea in 2004.[1] It has since been published in many European countries and in the United States by Gameforge 4D GmbH,[2]. Other versions exist in Asian languages.


A long time ago there was only a single empire that existed on the continent. The country experienced tranquility and peace and did not know the conflating deadly diseases that spread around the world. Innocent people suffered as those who were slain by these beasts or choked to death by disease later rose again as undead. The undead caused chaos and destruction in their wake in seemingly endless numbers. Their tireless existence appeared as if this problem was not going to go away. Eventually, the single empire collapsed and became three separate kingdoms, all fighting for their own survival.


Players can choose to be in one of five categories: Warrior, Shaman, Ninja, Sura or Wolfman (Added in 2014). Each class has subclasses in which the player can specialize in. Each class has 2 abilities, except for the Wolfman.


Metin2 has a gameplay system similar to those used in many MMO games. Experience points are earned every time the player kills a mob and/or completes a mission from an NPC. The game's combat is based on an Hack and slash system, the player hits the space key each time he or she wishes the character to strike, there is also an automatic combat feature which allows the character to continuously attack a single creature following it as well when it moves but the downfall of this is if the creature moves through another your character will get hung up on the second creature making your character run in place. The player can also gather groups of creatures (Creatures spawn in groups) and land basic attacks and skills on each one of them simultaneously while they are all attacking the character at the same time.A mechanic that allows the player to earn experience faster.

Player versus Player (PvP)[edit]

PvP in Metin2 is available once a character reaches level 15. There are 4 ways to battle other players. The first is to challenge a person to a duel by right-clicking the desired opponent and selecting the "Duel" option. This is the most common way and in the case of death, no experience points are lost. The second way is to fight a player from a different kingdom. This way does not require requesting a fight as kingdoms are preset to be hostile to each other. In the case of death, experience points can be lost if hit by monsters at the same time. The third way is to activate the "free" option under the game play menu. This allows players to attack and be attacked by any player regardless of kingdom or consent. Experience can't be lost this way and rank points are lost when in this mode. If a player loses too many rank points, their rank will change to "cruel" and they will have negative points. Players who do this are usually condemned by others. At level 50 or above, Cruel rank (title) players have a chance to drop items when killed by other players. They can, however, use certain gears that prevent the item-dropping. The fourth and last option is to request a duel in a special duel map, the duel map is accessible by the spy in the second town map of Metin2.


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