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In Greek mythology, Metope /mɪˈtp/ (Greek: Μετώπη) was a river nymph, the daughter of the river Ladon.[1] Her waters were near the town of Stymphalus in the Peloponnesus.[2] She married the river god Asopus by whom she had several (either 12 or 20) daughters, including Aegina, Salamis, Sinope, Euboea, Tanagra, Thespia, Thebe, Corcyra, Ismene, and Harpina; and possibly sons, including Pelagon and Ismenus.[1][3] The question of the exact parentage of these children of Asopus is very vague.

She may or may not be identical to Metope, consort of the river god Sangarius. Some say these were the possible parents of Hecuba.[4]

Metope is also the name of the daughter of King Echetus.


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