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The Metro-North Railroad is a commuter railroad serving the northern suburbs of New York City. It principally uses a fleet of electric railcars for its services; diesel locomotives and push-pull coaches are in use as well for non-electrified portions of the system.


When the Metropolitan Transportation Authority began to subsidize commuter rail systems of Penn Central Railroad and Erie Lackawanna Railway in the early-1970s, they inherited equipment of the former New York Central Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad and Erie-Lackawanna Railroad, some of which dated back to the early 20th Century. However, they also began to operate variations of the new M1 railcar which was designated as the "M1A." The next new fleet of EMUs came with the M2s, which replaced Pullman 4400-series cars dating back to the early 1920s to 1954 from 1973 to 1977. With the expansion of electrified territory 142 M3As were ordered, arriving between 1984 and 1986. Two additional small orders would supplement the existing fleet; 54 M4s arrived in late 1987, and in 1994 48 M6s arrived. Many diesel locomotives inherited from those railroads however, were used as recently as the early 21st Century. The M1As were replaced between 2004 and 2007 with the arrival of the 336 M7As.[1] In order to replace the M2, M4, and M6s on the New Haven Line and to respond to increasing ridership on that line 405 M8s were ordered. In 2016, in response to ridership higher than initially expected on the New Haven Line, up to 94 additional M8s will be built to meet that line's needs.[2]

Active rolling stock[edit]


Builder and model Photo Build
Year rebuilt Fleet numbers Power Notes
MNRR maintenance train at Beacon.jpg 1964–1965 1991–1992;
2013–2017, 2019
(8 units)
2,500 horsepower (1,900 kW)
  • Work locomotive only
  • Metro North traded leased GE B23-7s for these units
  • Rebuilt by Brookville Equipment
New Jersey Transit train 53 to Port Jervis.jpg 1966–1970 1992–1993;
(6 units)
3,000 horsepower (2,200 kW)
  • Operated by NJ Transit for West of Hudson service
  • To be replaced by the Siemens Charger SC-44
Metro-North 4906.jpg 1968 1992;
(1 unit)
3,000 horsepower (2,200 kW)
Metro-North Railroad EMD F40PH-3C 4910.jpg 1976–1981 2009–2010 4907–4914
(8 units)
3,000 horsepower (2,200 kW)
GE Genesis P32AC-DM 202 MNCRR Ossining.jpg 1995–1998 2012–2015 201–231
(31 units)
3,200 horsepower (2,400 kW)
  • Dual mode for operation into Grand Central Terminal
  • 201–227 are in Metro-North paint scheme
  • 228–231 are owned by Connecticut Dept of Transportation and bear "New Haven" paint scheme
Metro-North 115.jpg 2008 2017– 110–115, 125–130
(12 units)
2,250 horsepower (1,680 kW)
  • Used on branch line shuttles and as work trains
  • Can operate into Grand Central in non-revenue service
  • 110–115 are in Metro-North paint scheme
  • 125–130 are owned by CDOT and in "New Haven" paint scheme, currently being repainted into CTrail colors as of 2019
Metro North 402 front jeh.jpg 2009 N/A 401–402
(2 units)
2,000 horsepower (1,500 kW) Used for East Side Access project; Replaced GP8 and GP9.

Future locomotives[edit]

Builder and model Photo Build
Year rebuilt Fleet numbers Power Notes
SC-44 Charger
Siemens SC-44 IDTX 4601 in Denver CO.jpg 2019–2020 N/A N/A
(15 units)
4,400 horsepower (3,300 kW)
  • To replace the F40PH-3C, GP40PH-2M, GP40FH-2M
  • Will be operated by NJ Transit for West of Hudson service

In July 2018, Metro-North Rail Commuter Council Vice Chairman Orrin Getz announced the agency's intention to purchase 15 new Siemens Charger SC-44 locomotives to replace the current locomotive fleet for the Port Jervis Line.[4]

Push-pull coaches[edit]

These cars are non-powered.

Builder and model Photo Build
Year Rebuilt Fleet Numbers Number Active Notes
Comet II
MNRR 0945 (8693012317).jpg 1983, 1987 1999–2002, 2009 6125–6131 (odd numbers only) (originally 5175–5178), 6134–6140 (even numbers only),
6142–6149, 6176–6180 (even numbers only)
  • One door on each end, odd number trailers have toilets.
  • Formerly used for West of Hudson service, transferred 2009.
  • 6125, 6127, 6129, 6131 are cab cars.
Shoreliner I
Two trains at Grand Central.jpg 1983 1995–1996; 2008–2009 6101–6109 (odd numbers only), 6150–6160, 6162–6166 (even numbers only),
6201–6209 (odd numbers only), 6223–6229 (odd numbers only), 6250–6260,
6262–6268 (even numbers only)
  • One door on each end, odd number trailers have toilets.
  • 6101, 6103, 6105, 6107, 6109, 6201, 6203, 6205, 6207, 6209, 6223, 6225, 6227, and 6229 are Cab Control units.
  • 6223, 6225, 6227, 6229 are former Shore Line East units
Shoreliner II
MNRR 0230 (6036422362).jpg 1987–1988 2008–2009 6111–6123 (odd numbers only), 6161–6167 (odd numbers only),
6168–6174, 6121–6179, 6186–6190 (even numbers only),
6211–6219 (odd numbers only), 6270–6278 (even numbers only)
  • Nearly identical to the Shoreliner I.
  • 6111, 6113, 6115, 6117, 6119, 6121, 6123, 6211, 6213, 6215, 6217, 6219 are Cab Control units.
  • 6188 was retired after a derailment on December 1, 2013.
Shoreliner III
MNCRR Shoreliner IV GSTONE.JPG 1991–2002 NA 6280–6286, 6288, 6301–6310, 6330–
6372, 6374–6398 (even numbers only),
6430–6474 (even numbers only)
  • Have center doors in addition to end doors.
  • Odd number trailers have toilets.
  • 6301–6310 are cab cars.
  • 6288, 6345, and 6440 were retired after a derailment on December 1, 2013.
Shoreliner IV
Metro-North Shoreliner IV 6222.jpg 1996–2002 N/A 6221, 6222 (retired), 6311–6320 11
  • Lack engineer's side door in cab cars.
  • Odd number trailers have toilets.
  • 6221 is owned by CDOT.
  • 6222 was retired after being wrecked in a derailment on December 1, 2013.
Comet V
MTA Metro North 6710 on New Jersey Transit train 1728.jpg 2004 N/A 6700–6714, 6750–6799 65
  • Operated by NJ Transit for West of Hudson service.
  • 6700–6714 are cab cars

Electric multiple units[edit]

M3A and M7A cars draw power from 650 V DC third rail with under-running contact shoes. M2, M4, and M6 cars draw power from third rail or 12.5 kV 60 Hz AC catenary; M8 from third rail, both over- and under-running, 12.5 kV 60 Hz and 25 kV 60 Hz AC catenary.

Builder and model Photo Build
Year rebuilt Fleet numbers Notes
M3-Harmon.jpg 1983–1985 2008–2015 8000–8141
  • Rebuilt in early 1990s
  • To be replaced by the Kawasaki M9As as part of the Metro-North "Way Ahead Program"
M7A-at-harlem-125-street.jpg 2004–2006 N/A 4000–4335
  • 334 units in service. Mated units 4332–4333 are stored with fire damage after the Valhalla train crash
MNCR Kawasaki M8 EMU NH Line Port Chester.jpg 2009–2015 N/A 9100–9421
9460–9476 (unpowered single cars; even nos. only)
9560–9590 (unpowered single cars; even nos. only)
  • 16 cars were involved in a derailment and collision in Bridgeport
    on May 17, 2013. 9193 and 9247 being the most severely damaged. A side contract was awarded to Kawasaki to replace 3 of the cars and repair the rest
  • The order of 60 additional cars, and 34 additional cars with an option order was announced in 2016[2]

Possible future electric multiple units[edit]

Builder and model Photo Build
Year rebuilt Fleet numbers Notes
LIRR-M9-9013-at-brentwood.jpg N/A N/A N/A
Up to 300 cars

MTA originally planned to order 188 M9A cars for Metro-North as part of the 2015-2019 Capital Program.[5] In June 2018, Metro-North announced that they would elect to not exercise their options for the M9 order, instead overhauling their M3A units to extend their lifespan.[6] However, that November, Metro-North stated that they "are working with LIRR to procure new M9A cars in the next Capital Program to provide additional capacity and replace M3s."[7]

Retired rolling stock[edit]

Roster rolling stock manufactured from 1946 to the present.

Builder and model Photo Built Retired Heritage Successor Power Notes
2000 2012 Metro-North BL20GH 600 HP
  • Used as a yard switcher
EMD FP10 EMD F10.jpg 1946–1949 (rebuilt in late 1970s) 2008 GM&O; MBTA P32AC-DM, BL20GH 1750 hp Original Gulf Mobile & Ohio F3s, later MBTA; rebuilt F3s. 412 in service at adirondack scenic railroad as 1502; 410 is owned by the New York Transit Museum and it is stored at Croton-Harmon[citation needed]
EMD GP8 1956 2009 New York Central Brookville BL14CG 1400 hp Work Locomotive; 750 is stored at Croton-Harmon
EMD GP9 1957 2010 New York Central Brookville BL14CG 1750 hp Work Locomotive only; 543 is used during winters to melt ice off the third rail. Reactivated for switcher service in 2012 after retirement 2010. At Croton-Harmon retired; in long term storage
ALCO RS-3M 1956 1990s New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad 1200 hp Preserved at Danbury Railway Museum
EMD FL9 Metro North locomotives in New Haven livery.jpg 1956–1959 1998–2002, 2009 New York, New Haven and Hartford;Penn Central; Conrail P32AC-DM, BL20GH, Amtrak P40DC 1800 hp Dual-mode locomotive with third rail shoe for running in Park Ave Tunnel - in later years was relegated to 100% diesel work on branch lines. Several have been donated to railroad museums.
GE B23-7 1976 1993 Conrail GP35R 2250 hp Work Locomotive; ex-Conrail. Traded Back to GE on expiration of lease for the GP35Rs.
GE U34CH 1978 1994 Erie Lackawanna GP40PH-2 3600 hp Used for the Port Jervis Line. Rebuilt Chicago Northwestern U30C; Scrapped
Republic Locomotive FL9AC 1992 2005 New York New Haven and Hartford; LIRR P32AC-DM 3000 hp These units have been cut up for scrap. Ex. LIRR; rebuilt EMD FL9s
GE P40DC ASLE841.JPG 1993 2009 Amtrak BL20GH 4000 hp Amtrak lease units to replace FL9s that were starting to become maintenance nightmares. Stayed in Amtrak paint with Amtrak logo and used on Danbury, Waterbury and Wassaic branches. Amtrak 833, 834, 836, 838, 840, 841, 842, and 843. When Metro-North returned these units, they were sold to CDOT for Shore Line East. Can sometimes be seen on weekday midday runs on the Waterbury branch when a Shore Line East set is used while the Metro-North set is being refueled.
Self-Propelled Cars
Budd RDC Budd RDC-1 Danbury 11.jpg 1950–1956 1991 New York Central; New York New Haven and Hartford P32AC-DM; Shoreliner coaches 550 hp Used on Port Jervis Line and Waterbury Branch. New Haven 32 and 47 are at Danbury Railway Museum; 47 was stripped for parts for 32. 32 is operational. Metro-North demotored certain units for push pull coaches
Pullman 4400 1956 1983 New York, New Haven and Hartford Budd M2s 650 V DC Third Rail under running
11 kV 25 Hz AC catenary
Ex-New Haven Railroad; ran on New Haven Line; 3 units are at Danbury Railway Museum (One owned by private individual); Replaced by M2s
Pullman ACMU MNRR ACMU-1100-NWP.jpg 1962–1965 2004 New York Central Bombardier M7As 650 V DC third rail under-running Ex-New York Central; electrical multiple units; replaced by M7As. 1128 and 1171 are at Danbury Railway Museum.
Budd SPV-2000 MNRR 293 at Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum, June 2017.JPG 1978–1981 1996 Amtrak/CDOT, MTA P32AC-DM; Shoreliner coaches 550 hp Owned by MTA and CDOT (CDOT units had Amtrak logos in addition to State of CT seal.) Used on branch lines of Metro-North and Amtrak's Springfield line. CDOT de-powered their units for Shore Line East. Those have since been retired in favor of Ex-VRE Mafersa push-pull coaches. MNCR 293 is preserved at Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum in Willimantic, CT. Several CDOT-owned de-powered units were sent to New Orleans for hurricane-standby duty.
Budd M1A Mnrr M1A.jpg 1971–1973 2009 Penn Central Bombardier M7As 650 V DC third rail under-running Replaced by M7As
Budd M2-New Haven.jpg 1972–1977, rebuilt 1992–1994, 2006 2018 Penn Central Kawasaki M8s 650 V DC third rail under-running & 12.5 kV 60 Hz AC catenary Largely replaced by M8s in 2015, all replaced in 2018. Pair 8706-8707 has been preserved by the Danbury Railway Museum.
Tokyu Car M4 M4s in New Haven Yard.JPG 1987–1988 2015 Metro-North/ConnDOT Kawasaki M8s 650 V DC third rail under-running & 12.5 kV 60 Hz AC catenary Replaced by M8s, last run of M4/M6 equipment June 26, 2015.
Morrison-Knudsen M6 MNR M6 9014.jpg 1994 2015 Metro-North/ConnDOT Kawasaki M8s 650 V DC third rail under-running & 12.5 kV 60 Hz AC catenary Replaced by M8s, last run of M4/M6 equipment June 26, 2015, last new build DC traction railcars in North America
Various stainless-steel coaches and club cars Various years 1985 New York New Haven and Hartford, New York Central Shoreliner I and II Cars Non-Powered Disposed of or sold through the 1980s as new equipment came on line.
Pullman Standard 4800 series coaches 1950s 1985 SEMTA Shoreliner I and II Cars Non-Powered Detroit's commuter carrier.
Morrison-Knudsen Boise Budds 1982 1998 MBTA,VRE Shoreliner III cars Non-Powered Rebuilt Budd RDCs that had their Engines Removed and used as Push-Pull cars; Original MBTA then sold to VRE in 1986 then VRE sold them to Metro-North. 2 units sit on a deadline in Croton-Harmon; Rest sold to Caltrans
GE/Avco/Vickers Comet IA MNRR 9198-Port-Jervis-side.jpg 1978 2005 Metro North Alstom Comet V Non-Powered Two cabs and eight trailers were built from surplus shells from the Arrow III EMU for NJDOT. They saw use primarily on the Port Jervis Line. Replaced by Comet V cars.
Bombardier Comet III 1991 1998/2008 New Jersey Transit Alstom Comet V Non-Powered Sold to NJT in 1998, sold back to Metro-North in 2008. stored at Croton; to be converted for the new business train to replace the Phobe Snow cars.

Bar cars[edit]

Metro-North Railroad was the last commuter railroad in the United States to operate bar cars, electric MUs equipped with bars that served alcohol. The M2 bar cars were delivered in 1974, and Metro-North has not ordered new ones. The last train which included a bar car left Grand Central for New Haven at 7:34PM on Friday, May 9, 2014. While there is talk of retrofitting M8 cars with bars, no decision has been reached and no money allocated. On September 13, 2016, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy announced that the state would be buying another 60 M8 cars, 10 of which will be "bar cars". The first bar car will be in service by 2020.[8]


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