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For the bus service in Washington, D.C. with the same name, see Metrobus (Washington, D.C.).
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MetroBus and St Louis Gateway Arch.jpg
Slogan Connecting People With Places
Founded April 1, 1963
Headquarters St. Louis, Missouri
Service area Greater St. Louis
Service type Transit bus and Express bus service
Routes 75
Stops 9000+
Hubs 14 Transit Centers and 34 Park and Ride Lots
Fleet 374
Fuel type Diesel
Operator Metro aka Bi-State Development Agency
Chief executive John Nations (October 2010 - Present)
Chief Operating Officer Ray Friem
Website Metro Website

MetroBus is the public bus service for the Greater St. Louis Region connected with the MetroLink light rail system. It is managed by the Bi-State Development Agency and uses a shared fare system with the MetroLink system.


Its service currently has 75 bus routes and service four counties in Missouri and Illinois, including the City of St. Louis. MetroBus service operates daily and averages about 110,000 daily boardings, which is more than the MetroLink. The capacity of the system can accommodate 25,000 additional passengers during peak hours and the daily capacity of the system could most likely accommodate 115,000 additional boardings in all hours.


The base adult fare for riding MetroBus is $2. A reduced fare of $1 is available to for customers with disabilities, seniors (people 65 years and over) with a valid Metro reduced fare photo ID card, and children ages 5 to 12. The reduced fare card can be obtained from the Transit Center building located on DeBaliviere Avenue just across the street from the Forest Park Metrolink station. Children under 5 ride free; limit 3 per fare-paying rider. A Metro Multi-Use 2-Hour Transfer is $3 for adults and $1.50 for seniors, customers with disabilities, and children which can be used within two hours on either MetroBus or MetroLink. A 24-hour pass is $7.50.

Bus routes[edit]


Missouri Bus Routes
No. Name Notes
1 Gold This route is part of a contract with Washington University.
2 Red This route is part of a contract with Washington University.
3 Forest Park Trolley This route is seasonal and runs entirely in Forest Park.
4 Natural Bridge Travels from North Hanley MetroLink Station, follows Natural Bridge Avenue for the most part, ends at 14th & Spruce at Civic Center MetroLink Station
8 Bates Morganford This route follow Bates St & MorganFord Rd in St. Louis City Between Civic Center Station & Catalan Loop.
10 Gravois Lindell Southern half of this route follows Gravois Ave from Hampton Loop to 14th & Spruce near Civic Center MetroLink Station, while the northern half follows Lindell & Olive From Central West End MetroBus Center to Civic Center Transit Center
11 Chippewa Travels from Shrewsbury Station, east on Lansdowne Avenue, east on Chippewa, North on Jefferson Avenue, east on Market to 14th Street. Eventual endpoint is 14th & Spruce at Civic Center Station. Westbound trips travel south on 14th, west on Chouteau Avenue, then south on Jefferson before reversing its route and returning to Shrewsbury Station.
13 Union Travels from Union at West Florissant in North St. Louis South to Central West End Station.
14 Botanical Garden Travels from Central West End Station To Macklind Ave & Arsenal St Via Shaw past the Missouri Botanical Garden.
16 City Limits This Route Follows Jennings Station Rd, Hamilton Ave, Skinker Blvd, Bellevue Ave And, Jamieson Ave between Riverview MetroBus Center & Shrewsbury Station with a stop at Delmar Station.
17 Oakville Follows Mackenzie, Reavis Barracks, Union and, Telegraph Rd between Shrewsbury Station and Telegraph & Baumgartner(OAKVILLE).
18 Taylor Follows Taylor & Newstead Between Central West End Station And Broadway & Taylor.
21 Watson Road Route continues Route 11 from Shrewsbury Station to Meramec college In Kirkwood, MO along River Des Peres, Watson Rd, Lindbergh Blvd and, Big Bend Rd.
30 Soulard
32 M.L. King-Chouteau Continues route 57 from Maplewood-Manchester station along Manchester Avenue, through Downtown St. Louis, and along Martin Luther King Drive to Rock Road Station.
33 Dorsett-Lackland
34 Earth City Travels I-70 from North Hanley MetroLink Station to Earth City Expressway
35 Rock Road Continues Route 32 Further Into North St. Louis County along St. Charles Rock Road with an endpoint at North Hanley Station
36 Spanish Lake
37 Hanley-Graham
38 Hazelwood
39 Berkeley-Florissant
40 Broadway Follows Broadway Between Riverview MetroBus Center Via Convention Center Station To Catalan Loop
41 Lee
42 Sarah
46 Tesson Ferry Prior to the construction of the Blue MetroLink line, route 46 was part of route 47. Route 47 was split when the Blue Line was built. Blue Line replaced service on route 47 between Clayton MetroBus Center and Shrewsbury. Now it begins at Shrewsbury Station.
47 North Hanley Route was once called the Cross County until the Cross County MetroLink extension was built. Northern terminus is the recently opened North County Transit Center in Ferguson and the Southern terminus is Clayton Transit Center In Clayton, MO
48 South Lindbergh North Terminus is the Ballas Transfer Center And The Southern Terminus is Catalan Loop.
49 North Lindbergh Northern terminus is the North Hanley Metrolink Station, South Terminus is the Ballas Transfer Center.
56 Kirkwood-Webster
57 Maplewood-Wildwood Continues route 32 from Maplewood-Manchester station along Manchester Road into West St. Louis County to the Wildwood Shopping Center.
58 Clayton-West County Begins at Clayton Station and eventually follows Clayton road with a stop at the Ballas Transfer Center in Town And Country, continuing along North and South Outer Forty drives making various stops around West County. Serves the Saint Louis Galleria mall in Richmond Heights and Maryville University in Town And Country.
59 Dogtown A route that travels through the HiPointe and Dogtown Neighborhoods in St. Louis. Western terminus is Rock Hill Loop in Webster Groves.
61 Chambers Starts at North Hanley Station. Follows Airport Road through Chambers Road(with Special Deviation In Riverview Along Shepley Dr). Ends at Riverview Transit Center.
64 Lucas Hunt
66 Clayton Airport South terminus is Clayton Transit Center. North terminus is Village Square Shopping Center in Hazelwood.
68 Big Bend Follows Big Bend Blvd. between the Brentwood I-64 Metrolink Station in Brentwood and St. Louis Community College–Meramec in Kirkwood
70 Grand This route is Metro's busiest route, operating with 12-minute frequency between North Broadway Transit Center and Loughborough Commons due to the crowds that always form. Follows Grand Blvd. North endpoint is North Broadway Transit Center in North St. Louis. Articulated buses are used on this route.
71 Parker Rd. Follows Parker Road, Bellefontaine Road, and Lilac Avenue in North St. Louis County from the North County Transit Center to Riverview Transit Center.
72 Monarch
73 Carondelet This route travels through the popular Carondelet neighborhood. The Northern end of the route is Civic Center Station and the Southern end is South County Center.
74 Florissant Starts at North County Transit Center in Ferguson. Ends at Civic Center MetroLink Station.
76 Waterford
77 McDonnell-Lindbergh
78 Larimore
79 Ferguson
80 Park-Shaw An East-west route that follows Park Avenue through the City passing through the Lafayette Square and Shaw Neighborhoods.
90 Hampton This route serves Goodfellow Blvd & DeBaliviere Ave In North St. Louis City and Hampton, Germania and, Marceau Avenues In South St. Louis City. This Route also has Time Points at Riverview Transit Center, DeBaliviere Garage, Forest Park-DeBaliviere MetroLink station, Hampton Loop and, Catalan loop.
91 Olive This Route follows Olive Blvd from Delmar Station To Chesterfield Mall In Chesterfield, Mo.
94 Page Follows Page Avenue out towards Westport Plaza in Maryland Heights.
95 Kingshighway A North-South Route following Kingshighway in St. Louis. Passes by much of the Central West End(Including Central West End MetroLink station) and the eastern boundary of Forest Park. This Route's Northern End is Broadway & Taylor and the Southern End is Hampton loop.
97 Delmar This route travels on Delmar Blvd With time points at Clayton Transit Center, Delmar Station, 14th & Spruce @ Civic Center Station
98 Ballas-North Hanley Generally travels between North Hanley MetroLink Station in Kinloch to St. Luke's Hospital & Ballas MetroBus Center in Town and Country.
99 Downtown Trolley The buses used for this route display "99 Downtown Trolley" and are painted to look like trolleys.
40X I-55 Express This route Services the I-55 Corridor In South St. Louis County with stops at the South County Education Center And Reavis Barracks Park-Ride Lots.
57X Clayton Road Express This Route Is a Peak Hour reverse feeder Route. Some selected trips Serve St. Louis University High School and Central West End Station.
58X Twin Oaks Express This route services the west & southwest portions of St. Louis County with a stop at the Ohlendorf Park Park-Ride Lot.
110 Affton This Route provides Rush Hour Service to Heege & Gravois Rd south Of the Hampton Loop With a time connection With the 10 Gravois-Lindell.
174X North Express Limited service bus begins at North County Transit Center in Ferguson and Sigma Aldrich at Compton & Spruce.
210 Fenton-Gravois Bluffs Provides Service to Fenton & the Gravois Bluffs Shopping center
36X Bissell Hills Express
258 Clayton-Chesterfield
410X Eureka Express
GL Green Line This route is part of a contract with Washington University.


Illinois Bus Routes
No. Name Notes
1 Main St - State St This route runs from 5th & Missouri Station in East St. Louis to the Belleville Station in Bellevile.
2 Cahokia This bus route runs entirely in Cahokia, Illinois. It also services the St. Louis Downtown Airport and 5th & Missouri MetroLink Station.
4 19th & Central - ML King
6 Rosemont - Fairmont City
8 Alta Sita
9 Washington Park
12 O'Fallon-Fairview Heights
13 Caseyville-Marybelle
14 Memorial Hospital-Westfield Plaza
15 Belleville-Shiloh-O'Fallon
16 St. Clair Square This route runs almost entirely on Illinois Route 159 from the MCT Collinsville Station to the College MetroLink Station.
17 Carlyle Plaza-17th Street
21 Scott AFB - Main Base Shuttle
2X Waterloo-Columbia This bus route runs from the 5th & Missouri MetroLink Station to Columbia and Waterloo in Monroe County.
12X Metrolink Station Shuttle
17X Lebanon-Mascoutah
21X Scott AFB - East Base Shuttle


Bus passing under the St. Louis Science Center walkway

The bus fleet consists of 374 Gillig Phantom, Gillig Low Floor, and ex-OC Transpo New Flyer D60LF articulated buses. The Gillig buses vary in sizes which seats 43, 37 and 29 passengers. The fleet also used consist of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered Neoplan which seated 42 passengers. The average age of a MetroBus is seven years. Metro's MetroBus fleet is 100% Americans with Disabilities Act accessible.


Transit centers[edit]

MetroBus connects with 11 transit centers in Missouri and 3 transit centers in Illinois, with 6 of the 11 connecting with MetroLink.

Bus loops[edit]

Maintenance facilities[edit]

There are four maintenance facilities in the Greater St. Louis Area.

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