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Metro logo.jpg
Music Janusz Stokłosa
Lyrics Polish:
Maryna Miklaszewska
Agata Miklaszewska
Mary Bracken Phillips
Premiere January 31, 1991: Warsaw's Dramatic Theatre
Productions 1991 in Warsaw
1992 Broadway
1998 Moscow

Metro is a Polish musical with music by Janusz Stokłosa and lyrics by the female duo of Agata and Maryna Miklaszewska. Its director and the choreographer was Janusz Józefowicz. The storyline focuses on a group of youngsters who, for various reasons, decide to live in the subway tunnels. The play, initially staged in Warsaw's Dramatic Theatre – Teatr Dramatyczny, (pl) – was a major success in Poland. It was also the first privately funded performance to be staged in post-war Poland and the first to feature a modern scenic design including an extensive use of lasers.[1]

Touring abroad[edit]

The musical opened on Broadway at the Minskoff Theatre on April 16, 1992, and closed on April 26, 1992, after 13 performances and 24 previews. The lyrics were translated by Mary Bracken Phillips and the director and choreographer was Janusz Józefowicz. Although it was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Original Score, it received mixed reviews and soon closed. The 1998 production in Moscow, Russia, proved to be a success and the musical is still occasionally staged both in Poland and in Russia.[2]

The Polish version of the musical is notable for a large number of young artists who started their career in its crew. Among those who rose to fame were Edyta Górniak, Katarzyna Groniec, Robert Janowski, Michał Milowicz and Natasza Urbańska.

In 2009 Stokłosa and Józefowicz started making screening of the musical.

Musical compositions[edit]


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