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AuthorVladimir Varankin
GenreSocial criticism, Semi-autobiographical novel
Publisher3rd ed. Progreso, Sezonoj
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardback)
Pages200 pp

Metropoliteno (trans. Subway, Underground, Metro) is a partly autobiographical[1] novel written in Esperanto by Vladimir Varankin about suppression by the state in Germany and the Soviet Union. It was published in Amsterdam in 1933 (200 pages), again in Denmark in 1977, and a third edition in Russia in 1992. There also exist translations in Russian and in English. It is listed in William Auld's Basic Esperanto reading List.

"The theme is a soviet engineer, who travels to Berlin to study construction methods for subways (underground electrical railways) ... Modern life in the Soviet Union is mirrored beside that of pre-Hitlerite Germany." (F. E. W., The British Esperantist, November 1934.)


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Varankin, Vladimir (1933). Metropoliteno (3rd ed.). Amsterdam, Netherlands: Progreso.

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