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Felskinn Underground Station

The Metro Alpin is an underground funicular situated above the Swiss town of Saas Fee, in the canton of Valais. Opened in 1984, it links the Felskinn cable-car station (2,980 metres or 9,777 feet MSL) on the shore of the Fee Glacier to the Mittelallalin (3,456 metres or 11,339 feet) in the north flank of the Allalinhorn. The Felskinn–Mittelallalin Tunnel has a length of 1,749 metres (5,738 ft), with an altitude difference of 476 metres (1,562 ft) between the two stations.

The Metro Alpin is the highest funicular in the world.[1] Being a fully underground railway, it is also considered the highest subway in the world.[2]

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Coordinates: 46°3′28″N 7°54′18″E / 46.05778°N 7.90500°E / 46.05778; 7.90500