Metro Arts Alliance of Greater Des Moines

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Metro Arts Alliance began in 1969 after city leaders recommended forming a community council to review human service needs and resources. That group reviewed existing programs and recommended changes to eliminate gaps, duplications and shortcomings. This assessment led to the study and formation in 1975 of the Arts and Recreation Council of Greater Des Moines with 35 board members. A staff person was hired and an office was established through Chamber of Commerce and Hawley Foundation grants. The Arts and Recreation Council changed its name to Metro Arts Alliance of Greater Des Moines in 1992. The initial mission to serve as an umbrella agency for arts, humanities, recreational and educational organizations has evolved into an organization that connects people to the arts through programming, communication and support of artists and arts organizations.

Metro Arts Alliance is dedicated to strengthening the central Iowa community through art, theater, music and dance. A rich diversity of arts programs, educational opportunities and cultural events make our city a more vital and interesting place to live while attracting new businesses and residents. Metro Arts Alliance hosts "Jazz in July" and the Metro Arts EXPO every year in the Des Moines area. The home of the Metro Art Alliance is in the historic East Village. near the State Capitol Building.

Current Metro Arts Alliance Staff are

  • Executive Director, Kim Poam Logan
  • Outreach Coordinator, Reilly Branderhorst