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STC rapid transit
Location Mexico City
Coordinates 19°25′32″N 99°11′31″W / 19.425498°N 99.191995°W / 19.425498; -99.191995Coordinates: 19°25′32″N 99°11′31″W / 19.425498°N 99.191995°W / 19.425498; -99.191995
Preceding station   Mexico City Metro   Following station
towards El Rosario
Línea 7

Metro Auditorio (Spanish: Estación Auditorio) is a Mexico City Metro station located on line 7.[1][2] It is one of the main metro gateways (along with Metro Polanco) to the chic and business-related neighbourhood, Polanco.[1] The entrances to the station are on Paseo de la Reforma, one of the main thoroughfares in Mexico City.

Its symbol depicts the façade of the Auditorio Nacional (English: National Auditorium), which is just above the station.[1][2] The auditorium is one of the main venues for concerts, shows and entertainment in the city, so almost every weekend night, this station is used by the attendants to the events.[1] The station opened on 23 August 1985.[3]

This station is also frequently used by tourists because of its proximity to many landmarks of the city, such as Chapultepec.[1] Outside the station, just in front of the Auditorio Nacional, is the main station of the Turibus, a double deck bus that runs a touristic route that goes from Chapultepec Park to the Historic Center along Reforma.

During weekdays, this station is also one of the busiest ones of the network because it is an entrance to the business, office and financial area in Polanco.[4] Outside the station there is also one of the main microbus stops in the area; these microbuses transport people coming from the metro to other business and commercial zones in the city like northern Polanco, Palmas, Santa Fe, Lomas de Chapultepec and Satélite.

Pedestrian underpass for Metro Auditorio with displays of metro systems around the world.

During rush hour, due to the large mass of people taking these buses outside the metro station and to the poor infrastructure of the microbus stops, heavy traffic is originated in this part of Paseo de la Reforma. Criticism has also been made to the layout of this metro station (among others of Line 7) because the heavy flows of people are not well managed; during rush hours flows of people walking in different directions often face each other causing a decrease in the speed of pedestrian traffic. Other problems concern the bottlenecks at bridges, narrow tunnels, escalators, and normal stairs due to low capacity.


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