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STC rapid transit
Station sign at Chilpancingo, March 2012
Location Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City
Coordinates 19°24′21″N 99°10′07″W / 19.4059°N 99.1686°W / 19.4059; -99.1686Coordinates: 19°24′21″N 99°10′07″W / 19.4059°N 99.1686°W / 19.4059; -99.1686
Platforms 1 center platform
Tracks 2
Opened 29 August 1988
Preceding station   Mexico City Metro   Following station
towards Tacubaya
Línea 9
towards Pantitlán
Chilpancingo is located in Mexico City
Location within Mexico City

Metro Chilpancingo (Spanish: Estación Chilpancingo) is an underground metro station along Line 9 of the Mexico City Metro.[1][2] It is located in the Cuauhtémoc borough of Mexico City. It is very close to Metrobús station of the same name.[3]

The station is named after the nearby Avenida Chilpancingo, which in turn is named after the city of Chilpancingo de los Bravo, the capital of the state of Guerrero.[1] The station logo is the silhouette of a wasp since Chilpancingo means the place of the wasps in Nahuatl.[1]

The station serves the Colonia Roma Sur and Colonia Condesa neighbourhoods in the Cuauhtémoc borough.[1] It is located at the intersection of Avenida de los Insurgentes and Avenida Baja California.[1][4][5][6] It was opened on 29 August 1988.[7]

In July 2007 a man in his 70s died of a heart attack within the station.[8]

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