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Metro Cinema in 2011

Metro Cinema Edmonton is a non-profit organization and registered charity located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Since 1996, Metro Cinema operated out of the Zeidler Hall in the Citadel Theatre in downtown Edmonton. 9828 - 101A Ave.[1] Metro Cinema is funded by: Canadian Council for the Arts, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Alberta Arts Council, The City of Edmonton, and Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society (AMAAS).[2]

On March 16, 2011, Metro Cinema announced that they would be moving to the iconic Garneau Theatre in the Strathcona district of Edmonton.[3]

Some of the recurring events that are hosted by Metro cinema include:

  • Turkey Shoot, featuring Dave Clarke, Jeff Page and friends as they make fun of cinema's most ridiculous movies,[4]
  • Metro Shorts, presented by Mostly Water Theatre. In Metro Shorts, local filmmakers are invited to submit five-minute shorts for screening and judging. Over the course of 5 rounds of competition each season, filmmakers get paid regular screening fees and compete for a $100.00 prize.[5]
  • Doc Soup Screenings. Presented by the Global Visions Film Festival [6] and Hot Docs,[7] Doc Soup showcases some of the most sought after documentary films of the day.[8]


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