Metro División del Norte

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División del Norte
STC rapid transit
Location Mexico City
Coordinates 19°22′48″N 99°09′32″W / 19.380021°N 99.158885°W / 19.380021; -99.158885Coordinates: 19°22′48″N 99°09′32″W / 19.380021°N 99.158885°W / 19.380021; -99.158885
Preceding station   Mexico City Metro   Following station
towards Indios Verdes
Línea 3
towards Universidad

Metro División del Norte is a metro station along Line 3 of the Mexico City Metro.[1][2] It is located in the Benito Juárez borough of Mexico City.[1]

The station logo represents Revolutionary hero Pancho Villa, leader of the División del Norte of revolutionary soldiers during the Mexican Revolution of 1910.[1][2] Its name is taken from the nearby Avenida División del Norte.[1] The station has a cultural display.[1] The station opened on 25 August 1980.[3]

Until trolleybus service was discontinued on line "O" in 2010,[4] this metro station was served by trolleybus line "O", which runs between Metro Mixcoac and the Central de Abasto wholesale market.[5]

Metro División del Norte serves Del Valle, Letran Valle, Vertiz Narvarte and Santa Cruz Atoyac neighborhoods. It is located in the crossing between Avenida Universidad, Avenida División del Norte and Avenida Cuauhtemoc, in what used to be "Glorieta del Riviera".[1]


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