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Metro Éireann
Metro Éireann.jpg
Type Fortnightly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Editor Chinedu Onyejelem
Founded April 2000
Political alignment Multicultural
Headquarters Dublin, Ireland

Metro Éireann is an Irish multicultural tabloid newspaper. It was established in April 2000 by editor Chinedu Onyejelem and his colleague Abel Ugba, Nigerian-born journalists who had emigrated to Ireland. Based in Dublin, Metro Éireann focusses on issues affecting Ireland's immigrants.[1]


Current editor Chinedu Onyejelem had previously worked on The Irish Times and The Irish Catholic before co-founding the paper.[1] He is one of Ireland's most visible immigrants (now an Irish citizen) and was a recipient of a People of the Year Award in 2006 in recognition for his work on multiculturalism. Onyejelem is a member of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade-NGO Standing Committee on Human Rights and is a fellow of the Transatlantic Forum on Migration and Integration. Co-founder Abel Ugba is now an academic at the University of East London.


Metro Éireann has frequently broken news stories of national significance. In 2007, it published an article which revealed An Garda Síochána’s decision to disallow its officers from wearing religious headwear.[2] This particular story led to a national debate in the mainstream media on issues pertaining to cultural integration, religious rights, assimilation, and Irishness.[1] Similar other stories have also led to intensified public debate through the years.

The newspaper currently publishes fortnightly and features columns from Ireland-based contributors from around the world, including Nigeria, Somalia, Pakistan, Israel, South Africa and Poland. It carries a dedicated Irish language section and has strongly promoted minority sports such as women’s rugby and martial arts. The Booker Prize–winning author Roddy Doyle is a regular contributor.


Metro Éireann runs the annual MAMA (Media and Multicultural Awards) event and has also devised complementing awards which involve various sections of Irish society: the business community through the Ethnic Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, launched by President Mary McAleese in 2007; the creative arts through the Metro Éireann Writing Awards (judged by Roddy Doyle); the musical community through the Dublin International Gospel Music Festival; and the Nigerian Diaspora via the Global Achievers Awards for Nigeria, which also honour Irish people who have made positive contributions to Nigeria or the Nigerian communities (e.g. missionaries).


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