Metro Ethernet Routing Switch 8600

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Metro Ethernet Routing Switch 8610CO
Height: 35.0 in. (88.9 cm)
Width: 17.4 in. (44.2 cm)
Depth: 23.7 in. (60.2 cm)
Weight (empty):
(fully loaded):
184 lb (83.5 kg)
315 lb (142.9 kg)
Rack mountable: Yes, 19-inch standard rack

Metro Ethernet Routing Switch 8600 or MERS 8600 is a modular chassis router and/or switch manufactured by Nortel now acquired by Ciena. The MERS 8600 supports the Provider Backbone Bridges (PBB), Provider Backbone Transport (PBT) technologies and carrier class Operations Administration & Maintenance (OAM) tools. [1]

Configurable as a 1.440 Terabit Switch cluster using SMLT and RSMLT protocols,[2] cluster failover (normally less than 100 millisecond).[3]

British Telecom (BT) is using the MERS 8600 PBB/PBT technologies in its 21st Century Network (21CN)[4] and India has selected this platform for the most extensive IP network ever deployed by an international airport in India.[5]

The MERS 8600 has 3 chassis options

  • 8006, 6-slot chassis for backbones of low density or high space premium
  • 8010, 10-slot chassis for high availability and high scalability
  • 8010CO, 10-slot NEBS-compliant chassis.

The chassis can be configured with one or two CPU modules (8692SF), and is normally configured with two or three load balancing power supplies.


CPU Modules[edit]

  • 8692omSF Switch Fabric and CPU 8692 with Expansion Mezzanine card, Supports 50 ms fail-over on NNI trunks with MultiLink Trunking
  • 8692omSF Switch Fabric
  • 8691 omSF Switch Fabric and CPU Module

10 Gigabit Ethernet[edit]

Packet Over SONET[edit]

  • 8683POSM, POS Baseboard supports up to 6 OC-3 or 3 OC-12 ports

VPN Modules[edit]

  • 8668 VPN Module

Gigabit Ethernet[edit]

  • 8630 GBR, 30 ports 1000 BaseX small form factor pluggable interfaces (SX, LX, CWDM, TX)
  • 8608GBM, 8-port Gigabit Ethernet, GBIC-based
  • 8608GTM, 8 ports 1000BASE-T, fixed Gigabit Ethernet

100/10 Megabit Ethernet[edit]

  • 8632TXM, 32 ports 10/100 plus 2 GBIC ports
  • 8648TXM, 48 10/100TX ports

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