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The Metro ExpressLanes project is a transport project taking place in Los Angeles between 2012 and 2013 to 'improve traffic flow and provide enhanced travel options on I-10 and I-110 in Los Angeles County'. It includes a range of infrastructure developments on the Harbor Transitway and the El Monte Busway. The high-occupancy lanes on these transitways were converted to high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes. Associated works included a major upgrade to El Monte bus station, expansion of Metrolink Pomona Station, the creation of a new transit station at Union Station and increased park and ride capacity and bike lockers at many transit stations. In addition, new Vanpool vehicles and buses will also be purchased. The project is being delivered by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the California Department of Transportation and others. The budget is $290 million and construction began in 2011 and was completed in February 2013. Some transit improvements for the Metro Silver Line are still being worked on.[1]

Scheme elements[edit]

The Metro ExpressLanes project includes:[1]



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