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STC rapid transit
Tilework at the Metro Garibaldi station.
Coordinates 19°26′40″N 99°08′23″W / 19.4445°N 99.1397°W / 19.4445; -99.1397Coordinates: 19°26′40″N 99°08′23″W / 19.4445°N 99.1397°W / 19.4445; -99.1397
Platforms 5
Tracks 4
Opened 20 July 1994
Preceding station   Mexico City Metro   Following station
Terminus Línea 8
towards Ciudad Azteca
Línea B
towards Buenavista

Metro Garibaldi, also known as Garibaldi/Lagunilla, is a station on the Mexico City Metro.[1][2][3] It is a transfer station, serving both Lines 8 and B. It is the northern terminus of Line 8.[1][2]

Metro Garibaldi is located on the northern fringes of Mexico City's historical downtown district or Centro, it also serves Colonia Guerrero, and Colonia Morelos.[1] The station's logo depicts a guitar and a sarape. Plaza Garibaldi is a large square near the metro station which was named in honor of Giuseppe Garibaldi II, the grandson of Italian hero Giuseppe Garibaldi. The square is famous for the many groups of Mariachi musicians who gather there and for the large numbers of visitors who come to eat, drink, and listen to music in the nearby cantinas.[1]

Garibaldi's Line 8 platform first opened to passengers in July 1994 and the Line B connection started in December 1999.[4]


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