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STC rapid transit
View of outside entrance of Metro Insurgentes at the Insurgentes Glorieta roundabout.
Coordinates 19°25′24″N 99°09′47″W / 19.423292°N 99.163177°W / 19.423292; -99.163177Coordinates: 19°25′24″N 99°09′47″W / 19.423292°N 99.163177°W / 19.423292; -99.163177
Platforms 2
Tracks 2
Opened 4 September 1969
Preceding station   Mexico City Metro   Following station
towards Observatorio
Línea 1
towards Pantitlán

Insurgentes is a station on the Mexico City Metro.[1][2] It is located at the crossing of Avenida Insurgentes and Avenida Chapultepec in Mexico City's Cuauhtémoc borough, close to the Zona Rosa shopping and entertainment district.[1]

The station logo depicts the church bell of Dolores Hidalgo, a symbol of the start of the Mexican War of Independence (1810) and the eleven-year-long insurgency that followed.[1][2]


Metro Insurgentes was built in a particular style. Surrounding the station is a circular shopping mall-cum-plaza, called the Glorieta de los Insurgentes.[3][4][5] The station's exterior walls are intended to evoke pre-Hispanic architecture, while the platform walls are decorated with mock-ups of platforms from the Paris Métro and the London Underground. The station was opened on 5 September 1969.[6] Exterior shots of the plaza and metro entrance were used in the 1990 motion picture Total Recall.[7]

This is an important station for bus transfers, connecting with an extensive local network of urban buses (RTP, or Red de Transporte de Pasajeros) that serves zones like Villa Olímpica and Tlalpan, south of the city, and Metro Indios Verdes, north of the city.[8] The Insurgentes Metrobús bus rapid transit line also has a stop in the vicinity of Metro Insurgentes.[9]


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