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Mexico City Metro
STC rapid transit
Terminal Mixcoac, Línea 12 del Metro de la Ciudad de México..JPG
The platforms for Line 12 just after opening in 2012.
Location Mixcoac, Benito Juárez
Mexico City
Coordinates 19°22′33″N 99°11′15″W / 19.375891°N 99.187531°W / 19.375891; -99.187531Coordinates: 19°22′33″N 99°11′15″W / 19.375891°N 99.187531°W / 19.375891; -99.187531
Line(s) Mexico City Metro Line 7 Mexico City Metro Line 12
Platforms 4 side platforms
Tracks 4
Structure type Underground
Platform levels 2
Parking No
Bicycle facilities Yes
Disabled access Yes
Opened Mexico City Metro Line 7 19 December 1985
Mexico City Metro Line 12 30 October 2012
Preceding station   Mexico City Metro   Following station
towards El Rosario
Línea 7
towards Observatorio
Línea 12
towards Tláhuac

Metro Mixcoac is a station on Line 7 and Line 12 of the Mexico City Metro.[1] The station serves both lines as a transfer station and as the northwestern terminus of Line 12.[1]

General information[edit]

The station runs deep under Avenida Revolución, a main thoroughfare in Mexico City.[2][3] It serves the Mixcoac area of the city.[2] There are two main entrances to the station: one in the west sidewalk of the aforementioned avenue and the other in a small plaza between Avenida Revolución, Avenida Patriotismo, Eje 7 Sur Extremadura and Calle Empresa. The station logo depicts a snake because the Nahuatl name Mixcoac means "Nest of Cloud Serpents".[2][3]

Metro Mixcoac serves the following neighborhoods: Santa María Nonoalco, Mixcoac, San Juan and Insurgentes Mixcoac.


The station opened on 19 December 1985 as part of the third stage of Line 7.[4]

In 2012, with the inauguration of Line 12, Mixcoac became a transfer station, as well as the temporary terminus of the mentioned line.

An extension of Line 12 from Mixcoac to Observatorio is under construction, projected to be finished by 2019. By that time, Mixcoac will no longer work as the western terminus of Line 12.[5]

Metro Museum[edit]

Mixcoac station houses the Museo del Metro (Metro Museum), a museum dedicated to the history and culture of the Mexico City Metro.[6]

The museum has seven rooms, each one with specific items including: whiteprints, floor plans and technical drawings from the construction of the metro, a collection of photos, metro tickets from different periods and archeological objects that have been found during the excavations to build the twelve metro lines.


Line 7[edit]

  • East: Av. Revolución between Extremadura street and Empresa street, Mixcoac
  • West: Av. Revolución between Andrea del Sarto street and Benvenuto Cellini street, Col. Santa María Nonoalco

Line 12[edit]



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