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"Metropolitan Broadcasting" redirects here. For the now defunct U.S. radio and television broadcaster formerly known as Metropolitan Broadcasting, see Metromedia.

Metropolitan Broadcasting or the Metro Radio Group as it was more commonly known, was a group of Independent Local Radio stations in North East of England.


The group originally consisted of:

Between 1986 and 1987, Radio Tees relayed the programmes of Metro Radio in mono - originally their overnight programme, expanding it to include Alan Robson's Night Owls on weeknights and a music show with John Oley on Fridays - by the summer of 86, it was further extended to 7 pm to include Nicky Brown - resulting in Radio Tees being Radio Tees from 7 am to 7 pm and at night, "Metro And Tees Together!". This carried on when they became TFM in January 88 - the service was "Metro And TFM Together" - just before Easter, TFM became its own station - still remaining part of the Metro Radio group, but no longer broadcasting identical programme output.

In 1990 the Group expanded and took over the Yorkshire Radio Network, the Sheffield based company. Following this takeover the group also owned:

The Metro Radio Group was taken over by Emap in 1996. Following this, nearly all of the group's radio stations including Metro Radio itself were brought and branded under Emap Radio [2] (with the exception of The Pulse, which was the subject of a management buyout by The Radio Partnership). After the acquisition of Emap Radio, these stations were branded under Bauer Radio.