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STC rapid transit
Estación de la línea 4 No. 2 Talisman.jpg
Sign above platform, 24 April 2011
Location Mexico City
Coordinates 19°28′27″N 99°06′29″W / 19.47428°N 99.108009°W / 19.47428; -99.108009Coordinates: 19°28′27″N 99°06′29″W / 19.47428°N 99.108009°W / 19.47428; -99.108009
Preceding station   Mexico City Metro   Following station
Línea 4
towards Santa Anita

Talismán is a station along Line 4 of the Mexico City Metro, located in Gustavo A. Madero borough.[1][2]

The station logo depicts a stylised image of a mammoth, with raised trunk and tusks.[1][2] During the construction of this station, the fossilised remains of a mammoth (Mammuthus meridionalis) were dug up by an excavation crew.[1] The fossil is now exhibited in a display in the station.[1] The station was opened on 29 August 1981.[3]

Talismán also means "amulet", and an elephant with a raised trunk is considered a good luck symbol.

This metro station, like others on Line 4, stands on Avenida Congreso de la Unión.[1]

The western exit is on the same block as Procter & Gamble Mexico's Talismán Plant, where soap products including Camay and Safeguard are produced. Trucks delivering tallow and olive oil (raw materials for soap) are a common sight around the station.

Talisman is served by several Pesero routes to Potrero, Tepito and Merced. It is also served by RTP Bus services on Avenida Congreso.


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