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STC rapid transit
Metro zapata.jpg
A Line 3 train pulls into the station, 6 June 2005.
Coordinates 19°22′15″N 99°09′54″W / 19.370952°N 99.164937°W / 19.370952; -99.164937Coordinates: 19°22′15″N 99°09′54″W / 19.370952°N 99.164937°W / 19.370952; -99.164937
Platforms 4
Tracks 4
Opened 25 August 1980
Preceding station   Mexico City Metro   Following station
towards Indios Verdes
Línea 3
towards Universidad
towards Observatorio
Línea 12
towards Tláhuac

Metro Zapata is a station on Line 3 and Line 12 of the Mexico City Metro, in the Benito Juárez borough of Mexico City.[1][2] The station logo depicts Emiliano Zapata, a national hero from the Mexican Revolution of 1910–1921.[1][2]

The station serves the Colonia Del Valle and Santa Cruz Atoyac neighborhoods in Benito Juárez. It is located at the intersection of Universidad, Zapata, Municipio Libre, Felix Cuevas and Heriberto Frias.[1]

Metro lines[edit]

The station serves both lines as a transfer station and as the northwestern terminus of Line 12.[3] This station used to be the terminus of Line 3; while the line has since been extended south, it still plays an important role in the transportation of the city's inhabitants.[4] The metro station was opened on 25 August 1980. The Line 12 station was opened on 30 October 2012 as a part of the first stretch of Line 12 between Mixcoac and Tláhuac.[4]

Bus services[edit]

Metro Zapata transfers to trolleybus Line "D", which runs between Metro Mixcoac (Line 7, Line 12) and the San Andrés Tetepilco neighbourhood.[5]

Above the station is a microbus base, for a recently built large commercial district a few blocks away, with malls, grocery stores, price clubs, cinemas and restaurants.


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