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STC rapid transit
Coordinates 19°25′11″N 99°05′45″W / 19.41967°N 99.09595°W / 19.41967; -99.09595Coordinates: 19°25′11″N 99°05′45″W / 19.41967°N 99.09595°W / 19.41967; -99.09595
Platforms 2
Tracks 2
Opened 5 September 1969
Preceding station   Mexico City Metro   Following station
towards Observatorio
Línea 1
Metro Zaragoza

Metro Zaragoza is a station on the Mexico City Metro.[1][2] It is located in the Colonia 4 arboles and Colonia Puebla neighbourhoods of Venustiano Carranza borough, to the east of downtown Mexico City.[1] It is on Line 1.[1][2]

It is named after General Ignacio Zaragoza and the nearby Avenida Ignacio Zaragoza, and the station logo depicts this Mexican military genius – the hero of the Battle of Puebla – astride his horse.[1][2] The station was opened on 5 September 1969 and it initially served as the eastern terminus of Line 1.[3]

Although Metro Zaragoza is no longer the terminal station for Line 1 (usurped by Metro Pantitlán since the extension of the line in 1984[3]) its role as an important station still remains. It serves as the interconnection point for many suburban bus lines that dissipate into the suburban eastern reaches of the state of México.

Near this station are the facilities of "Expo Metro", a display about the metro, its rolling stock, how it works, history and more.


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