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A Concession Metrocard issued in 2012.

A metrocard is a contactless smartcard ticketing system using MIFARE-Technology and being rolled out across the Adelaide Metro bus, train and tram system. It is similar to the Octopus Card and Oyster Card used in Hong Kong and London respectively. The contract for the system was tendered out, and in 2010 was awarded to Affiliated Computer Services using technology used in, among others, Montreal, Canada, Houston, Texas and Toulouse, France.

It was originally scheduled to become fully operative in early 2013, however due to overwhelmingly positive response from trial users it was launched on 3 November 2012.[1]


The original ticketing system was based on the Crouzet system and was provided by Affiliated Computer Services. It was introduced in 1987 and was intended to be used for only a few years before being replaced. Replacement plans soon fell through and the original equipment remained in use until 2012.[2] In 2010, it was announced that Affiliated Computer Services had been awarded the contract to replace the aging Crouzet system with a new contactless smartcard system, which would also allow the current Edmondson-sized magnetic stripe tickets to remain in use.

As a result of the new system, multi-trip tickets are no longer sold as Crouzet tickets. Metrocards have replaced them, and Seniors tickets have been replaced by the new Seniors Card. Single and day-trip tickets continue to be sold as Edmondson-sized magnetic stripe Metrotickets. Passengers could trade their existing Multitrip Metrotickets in for Metrocard trips. At the end of December 2014, validators no longer accepted Multitrip tickets, however users could continue to convert them to Metrocard Trips until February 28, 2015.[3]

In 2013, it was announced that Metrocards would be able to be used to access secure bike cages, at railway stations fitted with the necessary equipment, for an annual fee.[4] It was also announced that, as part of the Tea Tree Plaza Interchange Park and Ride upgrade, Metrocard users would be able to use their Metrocard to pay for parking.[5]



There are two kinds of validators: dual-purpose and Metrocard only. Dual-purpose validators have been installed on all buses, trains and trams and will accept both Metrocards and Crouzet tickets. Metrocard only validators only accept Metrocards and have been installed alongside the dual purpose validators on the 3000 class railcars and the Citadis Trams. Both feature indicator lights and an LCD display to display information (such as ticket type and errors) to users.

Vending Machines[edit]

A Metrocard vending machine located on a 3000 class railcar.

Located on every railcar and train is a vending machine used for the purchase of singletrip and day trip tickets. The vending machines can also recharge Metrocards. The machines accept coins and card payments, however they do not accept notes, which was a common criticism of the previous generation ticket vending machines.

The ticket vending machines have a touchscreen display for passengers to choose the appropriate fare and payment method, and upon payment the machine dispenses a validated ticket for the passenger. Passengers paying using a debit or credit card interact with the PIN pad located towards the centre to process payment.

A similar version of the vending machines is located at several of the city tram stops, the Adelaide Metro InfoCentres, and some major interchanges that will only recharge Metrocards and accept EFTPOS payments.

Metrocard Vending Machine (TVM)[edit]

These machines are located in the main passenger concourse at Adelaide railway station and in the new public bus stop shelter at Adelaide Airport. They differ to other ticket vending machines as they dispense both Metrocards and Metrotickets as well as recharge Metrocards.

The machines have a larger touchscreen, similar to the other vending machines, which allow for selection of different ticket types and payment methods.

The payment methods accepted by this machine are coins (except 5c pieces), EFTPOS, but also notes (except $50 and $100 notes).

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