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Metron can refer to:

  • Metron (skipper), a genus of butterflies in the grass skipper family
  • Metron (comics), a character created by Jack Kirby for his Fourth World series in DC Comics
  • Metron (Seijin) an alien lifeform from the Ultra Series, who appeared in 1967 for the first time in Ultraseven
  • Metron (Star Trek), a fictional species in Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Metron, an international journal of statistics founded in 1920 by Italian statistician Corrado Gini
  • metron, in Heim theory, a (two-dimensional) quantum of (multidimensional) space, a unit of measure
  • Metron Aviation, an air traffic flow management company
  • Metron S, a synonym for Iproheptine, an antihistamine
  • Metron, a typeface for Prague Metro by Jiří Rathouský
  • Metron of Macedon, also known as Metron of Pydna, a general of Alexander the Great
  • Metron, plural metra, another word for metre, see Metre (poetry)