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Origin Tel Aviv, Israel
Genres Alternative rock, synthpop
Years active 2005–Present
Labels Helicon
Associated acts Efrat Gosh
Members Ofer Meiri
Barak Gabizon
Dana Adini
Roni Alter
Amitay Asher
Michael Frost
Tomer Tsidkiyahu
Past members Efrat Gosh

Metropolin (מטרופולין) are an Israeli alternative pop/synthpop band.

The band was assembled in 2005 by Ofer Meiri, an Israeli musician and music producer. He gathered several renowned Israeli musicians – namely Efrat Gosh and Dana Berger – as guest vocalists. Efrat Gosh, although not officially a member of Metropolin, is the main singer on several of its more popular tracks, and continues to frequently appear with the band in gigs.

The band has become immensely successful in Israel, riding on the popularity of tracks from the self-titled album: "Angels", "Without Saying A Word" (Shalom Hanoch cover), "Doesn't Say Anything" and "Sleeping Without Dreams". These tracks also received high amounts of airtime (broadcasting) in Israel Defense Forces Radio and Galgalatz.

Metropolin reached Gold status and won the 2006 Israel Album of the Year contest.

Musical style[edit]

The Metropolin sound features heavy use of synthesis, with more traditional rock instruments on top. Of the band's highly successful songs, most – such as "Without A Word", "Angels" and "Dreamless Sleeping" – open with a synthesizer solo.

Lyrics are dark and urban. Singing is often warm and feminine, but rather dynamic.


The line up consists, as of 2008, of:


Studio albums[edit]


  • Pigs
Chazirim / חזירים
("Metropolin", 2005)
  • Doesn't Say Anything
Lo Omeret Klum / לא אומרת כלום
("Metropolin", 2005)
  • Sleeping Without Dreams
Lishon B'li Lachlom / לישון בלי לחלום
(With Dana Berger. "Metropolin", 2005)
  • Without Saying A Word
Bli Lomar Mila / בלי לומר מילה
("Metropolin", 2005)
  • Angels (Incitement)
Malachim (Hasata) / מלאכים ‏(הסתה)‏
("Metropolin", 2005)
  • I Have No Place
Ain Li Makom / אין לי מקום
(With Dana Adini. "The Helix", 2008)