Metropolis Rescore

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Metropolis Rescore
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedMarch 2005
RecordedJune 2004 - Jan 2005
GenreFilm Music, Orchestral, Electronic
Length118 minutes
ProducerBenjamin Speed & Tyson Hopprich
The New Pollutants chronology
Urban Professional Nightmares
Metropolis Rescore

Metropolis Rescore is a soundtrack by The New Pollutants for the silent film Metropolis. The original version of the soundtrack was for the 118-minute, digitally restored version which was released in 2002 by the F.W. Murnau Foundation and Kino International. In 2004 The New Pollutants composed and produced the new soundtrack and premiered it live at the 2005 Adelaide Film Festival. The live performance featured actor/singer Astrid Pill as vocalist, musician Zoe Barry as cellist, Tyson Hopprich on turntables and beats and Benjamin Speed on computer, samples and fx.

In 2011, they remade the soundtrack to match the new 2010 restoration of the film, premiering at that year's Adelaide Film Festival. This version was released as a digital download in 2013.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Metropolis Theme [Opening Titles]
  2. Shift Change
  3. Running Race / Eternal Garden
  4. Maria’s Love Theme [Part 1]
  5. Moloch
  6. Joh Frederson’s Theme
  7. Workers Theme [Part 1]
  8. Rotwang’s Theme / Futura’s Theme [Creation]
  9. Workers Theme [Part 2]
  10. The Catacombs [Part 1]
  11. The Catacombs [Part 2] / The Tower Of Babel
  12. The Catacombs [Part 3]
  13. Maria’s Love Theme [Part 2] / Prelude To Kidnap
  14. Kidnap Theme [Part 1]
  15. The Seven Deadly Sins
  16. Kidnap Theme [Part 2]
  17. Futura’s Theme [Transformation]
  18. Yoshiwara / The Seven Deadly Sins [Reprise]
  19. Corruption Theme
  20. The Destruction Of Metropolis [The Heart Machine]
  21. The Destruction Of Metropolis [The Flood]
  22. Witch Hunt
  23. Metropolis Theme [Closing Titles]


The soundtrack has been described as "an infectious and unique approach ranging from Germanic trip hop and lo-fi electronica to unforgettable classical and breathtaking cinematica." [1] Metropolis has subsequently performed at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI),[2] as a part of the 2006 Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival and at the 2006 Revelation Perth International Film Festival.[3]

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