Metropolitan Białystok

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Metropolitan Białystok - a metropolitan area designated by the Governor of the Regulation No. 52/05 of 16 May 2005 [1] in order to help economically develop the region.

In 2006, the metropolitan area population was 450,254 inhabitants.[2] It covers an area of 1.521 km ². For one km2, there are about 265 people. Among urban residents are more women - 192 thousand. on 100 men, 108 women on average. The municipalities adjacent to Białystok are slowly losing their agricultural character, becoming the residential suburban neighborhoods.

Białystok is connected to neighboring municipalities, a number of features (network infrastructure, transportation system).

The metropolitan area includes:

* village added via Regulation No. 2 / 2008 of 28 January 2008 amending the Decree of 29 September 2006 on the designation of Metropolitan Białystok.[3]


Coordinates: 53°07′00″N 23°09′00″E / 53.116667°N 23.150000°E / 53.116667; 23.150000