Metropolitan Białystok

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Metropolitan Białystok - a metropolitan area designated by the Governor of the Regulation No. 52/05 of 16 May 2005 [1] in order to help economically develop the region.

In 2006, the metropolitan area population was 450,254 inhabitants.[2] Covering the area of 1.521 km ², it had population density of about 265 people per one km2. Among urban residents were more women - 192 thousand. on 100 men, 108 women on average.

The municipalities adjacent to Białystok are slowly losing their agricultural character, becoming the residential suburban neighborhoods.[citation needed]

The metropolitan area includes:

* village added via Regulation No. 2 / 2008 of 28 January 2008 amending the Decree of 29 September 2006 on the designation of Metropolitan Białystok.[3]


Coordinates: 53°07′00″N 23°09′00″E / 53.116667°N 23.150000°E / 53.116667; 23.150000