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In 1960, the Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg was created as a separate layer of municipal government in the metropolitan area of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Metro Winnipeg consisted of the City of Winnipeg and various surrounding municipalities, and during the period of its existence, it provided transit and other municipal services to residents.

The administration offices were located at 100 Main Street. The building was the administrative headquarters of the City of Winnipeg Streets & Transportation Department until 2007-2008 when the city handed it over to the Friends of Upper Fort Garry to make way for an expanded upper Fort Garry Heritage park.

Metro Winnipeg operated from November 1960 and absorbed the Greater Winnipeg Transit Commission on Jan. 1, 1961. It ceased to exist upon the introduction of a unified municipal government (popularly known as "Unicity") by the Province of Manitoba under Premier Ed Schreyer, effective Jan. 1, 1972.

Metro Winnipeg attempted to introduce a co-ordinated approach planning between its member municipalities, and to that end it created several planning documents. Those documents included the Downtown Winnipeg Plan, the Winnipeg Area Transportation Study, and District Area Plans for the suburban municipalities of metropolitan Winnipeg.

For more public transit information see Winnipeg Transit.

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