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Brooklyn MDC

Metropolitan Detention Centers (MDCs) are federal detention facilities (prisons) operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and located throughout the United States. These facilities are considered to be administrative facilities, defined by as:

Administrative facilities are institutions with special missions, such as the detention of pretrial offenders; the treatment of inmates with serious or chronic medical problems; or the containment of extremely dangerous, violent, or escape-prone inmates. Administrative facilities include Metropolitan Correctional Centers (MCCs), Metropolitan Detention Centers (MDCs), Federal Detention Centers (FDCs), and Federal Medical Centers (FMCs), as well as the Federal Transfer Center (FTC), the Medical Center for Federal Prisoners (MCFP), and the Administrative-Maximum (ADX) U.S. Penitentiary. Administrative facilities are capable of holding inmates in all security categories.1

They are run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Detention Centers, as opposed to Federal Penitentiaries, are designed to hold prisoners who have either not yet been arraigned, have been denied bail, or are awaiting trial. Metropolitan Detention Centers also hold inmates on their way to their designated 'home' prison.

Convicted prisoners are transferred to one of a series of Federal Prisons, also run by the Bureau of Prisons.

A report by the Justice Department Office of the Inspector General on the experience of 762 post-9/11 detainees found confirmed the physical and verbal abuse of detainees. On arrival at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, the detainees were slammed face first into a wall against a shirt with an American flag; the bloodstain left behind was described by one officer as the print of bloody noses and a mouth. Once inside they were threatened with detention for the rest of their lives, verbally abused, exposed to cold, deprived of sleep, and had their hands, cuffed arms, and fingers severely twisted.[1]


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