Metropolitan Preparatory Academy

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Metropolitan Preparatory School
Metroprep logo.png
49 Mobile Drive
Toronto, Ontario, M4A 1H5
Coordinates 43°43′27″N 79°19′06″W / 43.72418°N 79.31831°W / 43.72418; -79.31831Coordinates: 43°43′27″N 79°19′06″W / 43.72418°N 79.31831°W / 43.72418; -79.31831
Founded 1982 (1982)
Principal William Wayne McKelvey
Grades 7-12
Team name Predators

Metropolitan Preparatory School (or Metro Prep) is a private, semestered, coeducational, middle school (grades 7-8) and high school (grades 9-12) for university-oriented students. It is located in the Bermondsey area of midtown, Toronto.

Metro Prep was founded in 1982 and operates without school uniforms.

In addition to regular classrooms, Metro Prep's facilities include a science laboratory, three computer labs, an art room, cafeteria, library and gymnasium. Metro Prep also offers a fully operational weight and fitness room.

Metro Prep has twenty full-time faculty members. The average high school class size is approximately 12 students.


Metro Prep offers year-round athletic programs, and is a member of the Small Schools Athletic Federation (SSAF) and a charter member of the Toronto District College Athletic Association (TDCAA). Metro Prep sports teams compete with schools throughout the region.

Current sports teams include basketball, softball, volleyball, hockey, skiing, snowboarding, cross-country, golf, tennis, soccer, rugby, ultimate frisbee and track and field.

Extracurricular activities[edit]

Metro Prep offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including mountain biking, caving and white-water rafting, theatre trips, dog sledding expeditions, science camps, clubs (including robotics and chess), theatrical production, trips to Ottawa, Quebec City, New York City, and Washington D.C., and much more. House teams made up of 9 teams usually the older grades are the house father or mother. These teams compete in many competitions and events throughout the school year. Mackenzie (Black) Monaghan (Purple) Dublin (Yellow) Cork (Red) Meath (Orange) Conamera (Pink) Galway (Blue) St.Patricks (Green) Kildare (White)

Notable Grads[edit]

John Brunswick (2003) Kate Ruby-Sachs (2003) Eden Grinshpan (2004) Roxy Kirshenbaum (2005) Brad Silverberg (2008) Brian Vadasz (2008)


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