Metropolitan School District of Warren Township

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The Metropolitan School District of Warren Township is a school district on the east side of Marion County, Indianapolis, Indiana. In 2005 it had a student enrollment of 11,800, with the total population being 94,525.

It includes one high school, three middle schools, three intermediate academies, nine elementary schools, one pre-school (The Early Childhood Center), and one alternative school for at-risk students of middle-school and high-school age (The Renaissance School).

The district has achieved an 86% graduation rate and over 74% progression to post-secondary education.

High school[edit]

Middle schools[edit]

Intermediate Academies[edit]

  • Stonybrook Intermediate Academy
  • Raymond Park Intermediate Academy
  • Creston Intermediate Academy

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Brookview Elementary School
  • Eastridge Elementary School
  • Grassy Creek Elementary School
  • Hawthorne Elementary School
  • Lakeside Elementary School
  • Liberty Park Elementary School
  • Lowell Elementary School
  • Pleasant Run Elementary School
  • Sunny Heights Elementary School

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