Metropolitan area of Barranquilla

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Metropolitan area of Barranquilla

The Metropolitan area of Barranquilla (Spanish: Área Metropolitana de Barranquilla) is a Colombian metropolitan area with the capital Barranquilla. It is located in the north of the country and belongs to Atlántico Department. Four other municipalities also belong to the metropolitan area of Barranquilla. These are Soledad, Galapa, Puerto Colombia and Malambo.

The city of Barranquilla serves as a 'hub' for the Colombian nation. Being home to the largest port in the country, it aids in the import/export of treasured Colombian goods where the United States is its largest trading partner. With an estimated population of 1.2 million, this ever-growing city has developed into an industrial location where worldwide corporations have expanded their presence.

The Metropolitan aspect of Barranquilla is an ever-growing and changing modernization project. For example, being the fourth largest city in the nation- Bogota, the capital serving as number one- government officials of the city have recently begun to focus on the infrastructure provided to citizens. The iconic TransMilenio of Bogota, has been rebranded as the TransMetro of Barranquilla. This regional transit system has instated a new line of transportation at a reasonable cost.

The ability and nature that "everything is close-by" applies to this historic city. Founded upon a mere 11,000 residents, Barranquilla quickly expanded into a true city-dwellers environment that encompassed a walkable distance to reach destinations. Additionally, headquarters for several worldwide companies are centered here. Featured on the New York Stock Exchange, corporations such as: Ecopetrol, Bancolombia, Avianca, Grupo Aval, and Tecnoglass compete with other businesses on the largest stock exchange platform.

The city of Barranquilla is home to its local and national soccer team, Atlético Junior, and the stadium- Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez Opening its doors in 1986, it has been the scene of local games, World Cup's, and an overall upstanding architectural monument for the city. Barranquilla holds one of the largest Carnaval celebrations, second to Rio de Janeiro's in Brazil. It explores music, food, culture, parades of vibrant traditional Colombian experiences, amongst more. This event is treasured among locals and world-travelers alike, as it is a historical gathering filled with top adventures. Influential and famous celebrities have impacted the city's stance on a global scale- names such as Sofia Vergara, Shakira, Paulina Vega, Nina Garcia, and Carmen Villalobos have emerged into Hollywood.

Urbanization has become a vital part in the city's stature. Functional transformations have built this city up from its roots and allowed for a metropolitan city to immerse.

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