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Port Elizabeth, like most South African cities uses Metropolitan or "M" routes for important intra-city routes, a layer below National (N) roads and Regional (R) roads. Each city's M roads are independently numbered.

These roads naturally interact with Port Elizabeth's N and R roads. The N2 enters Port Elizabeth from the west before veering north when it reaches the coastline of Algoa Bay. The R102 roughly parallels the N2, but runs further south, into the city centre before turning north. The R75 leaves the R102 as it begins leaving the city centre from the north, and heads in a roughly north-west direction towards Uitenhage. It then veers north skirting the town centre and continuing on towards Graaff-Reinet.

Of the five three-digit R roads in the city, one, the R333 seems to be no longer in use, with the road instead described as the M6. The R334 starts just north of the city, leaving the N2 and heading in a westerly direction. It runs through the northern parts of Motherwell township before passing through the centre of Uitenhage and then exiting the town in a south-westerly direction, returning to the N2. The R335 leaves the N2 at the level of the northern suburb of St. George's Strand. It initially heads west-north-west through Motherwell, before veering north, crossing the R334 and heading towards Addo, Eastern Cape. The R367 seems to have partly been renumbered the M19. In full, it branches from the R102 at Swartkops, a suburb in the north-east of Port Elizabeth, and heads in a roughly west-north-west direction towards Uitenhage, crossing the R75 and ending in the city centre at the R334. The R368 also seems to be phased out, and branches from the R75 in the suburb of Algoa Park and parallels its course, except that it continues to the city centre, likewise ending at the R334.

Table of M roads[edit]

No. Direction Description of Route Suburbs Street Names
M1 East/West N2 (at level of Bluewater Bay) - R102 (at level of Amsterdamhoek) Bluewater Bay, Amsterdamhoek Weinronk Way, Hillcrest Dr., Riverside Dr., Tippers Creek, Amsterdamhoek Dr.
M3 East/West N2 (at level of Deal Party) - R102 (same) Deal Party John Tallant Rd.
M4 North/South, then NW/SE then East/West R102 (at Deal Party, south of M3) - N2 (interchange, freeway starts) - M5 (interchange) - M7 (interchange) - M9 (freeway ends) - M13 - M11 - M13 - ends in Schoenmakerskop at intersection with M18 Deal Party, North End, Central, South End, Humewood, Summerstrand, Schoenmakerskop Baxter St., Burman Rd., Settlers Freeway, Humewood Rd., Beach Rd., Marine Dr.
M5 NE/SW M4 (at level of North End) - R102 - M10 - M26 - R102 (Mill Park) North End, Mount Croix, Mill Park Mount Rd.
M6 East/West R75 (Despatch (cosigned with M19) - M19 (Eastern Despatch) - R75 (Western Despatch) - R334 / M20 (Uitenhage) Despatch, Uitenhage Main St., Botha St., Union Ave., Caledon Ave.
M7 East/West M4 (North End) - R102 - R102 (Mill Park) - M18 - M12 (cosigned for 1 block) - M15 (cosigned for 2 blocks) - N2 (interchange) - R102 (Linton Grange) North End - Central - Mill Park - Walmer - Springfield - Lorraine - Sunridge Park - Framesby - Linton Grange Albany Rd., Roseberry Ave., Target Kloof Rd., River Rd., Outspan Rd., 8th Ave., Main Rd., 17th Ave., Circular Dr., Kragga Kamma Rd., Samantha Way, Bramlin St.
M8 NE/SW N2 (Sidwell) - R75 - M10 - M26 - R102 (Newton Park) Sidwell, Korsten, Perridgevale, Newton Park Kempston Rd., C. J. Langhenhoven Dr.
M9 East/West M4 (South End) - M11 - M18 - M12 - leaves town to Seaview - M15 (area of Colleen Glen) South End, Walmer, Greenshields Park, Charlo, Mount Pleasant, Seaview Walmer Blvd., Heugh Rd., Buffelsfontein Rd.
M10 SE/NW (mostly) R102 (North End) - M5 - M8 - N2 - changes to NE/SW as Nooitgedacht Road - M14 - resumes SE/NW - M19 - M22 - R334 / M20 North End, Sydenham, Sidwell, Gelvandale, Cleary Park, Salsoneville, Loonatville, Booysen Park - Khayamnandi - Despatch - Uitenhage Harrower Rd., Standford Rd., Nooitgedacht Rd., Old Uitenhage Rd., Algoa Rd., Durban St.
M11 East/West M4 (Humewood) - M13 - Port Elizabeth Airport - M9 (Walmer) Humewood, Forest Hill, Walmer La Roche Dr., Allister Miller Dr., 3rd Ave
M12 North/South N2 (Cotswold) - M26 - R102 - M7 - M9 Cotswold, Newton Park, Mangold Park, Walmer Downs, Walmer, Springfield, Charlo Disa Ave., William Moffett Expressway, 17th Ave.
M13 SE/NW M4 (Humewood) - M11 - M4 (Summerstrand) Humewood, Forest Hill, Summerstrand Driftsands Dr., Strandfontein Rd., Admiralty Way
M14 East/West R367/M19 (Perseverance) - R75 - R368/M16 - M10 Perseverance, Kwamagxaki, Govan Mbeki, Kleinskool, Kwanoxolo, Booysen's Park Main Rd., Old Uitenhage Rd.
M15 East/West N2 (Sunridge Park) - M7 - M7 - leaves town - M9 - N2 (out of town) Sunridge Park, Lorraine, Kamma Park, Theescombe Kragga Kamma Rd., Seaview Rd.
M16? SE/NW R75 (Missionvale) - M14 Missionvale, Govan Mbeki Old Uitenhage Rd.
M17 North/South R335 (Motherwell) - R367/M19 (Swartkops) Motherwell, Swartkops Dibanisa Rd.
M18 North/South M7 (Walmer) - M9 - M4 Walmer, Gqebera, Schoenmakerskop 10th Ave., Victoria Dr.
M19 ESE/WNW R102 (Swartkops) - M17 - M14 - R75 - M6 (co-signed) - M6 - R75 - M10 (Despatch) Swartkops, Perseverance, Despatch Trunk Rd., Main St., Botha St.
M20? East/West R102 (north of Mdantsane) - R335 - R75 - M10 Motherwell, Uitenhage Daniel Pienaar St., Graaff-Reinet Rd., Church St.
M21? From R334 in Kwa-Nobuhle (details sketchy)
M22 M6 - M10 - ? Uitenhage Marconi St., Mel Brookes Ave, ?
M26 East/West M5 (North End) - M8 - M12 (Newton Park) North End, Kensington, Adcockvale, Newton Park Diaz Rd., Burt Dr.