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Broadcast area Sao Paulo/Praia Brava/Itaperuna
Branding Metropolitana... Yes!
Slogan Novidade, e Metropolitana!
Frequency 98.5 MHz (Sao Paulo), 102.1 MHz (Praia Brava), 93.1 (Itaperuna) MHz
First air date 1996
Format Top 40 (CHR)/(MPB)
Owner Jayr Sanzone Jr.
Webcast Listen Live Sao Paulo, Listen Live Itaperuna
Website Sao Paulo, Itaperuna Itajai

Metropolitana FM was started around October 1996, and was targeted for the young people (jovem)... with the Pop/Rock format.


120 Minutos Two Hours with no commercial breaks. Every day from 2-4am, and weekdays at 10am-12pm and 3-5pm.

Cafeína Cafeína (Caffeine) is the morning talk show on Metropolitana. Hosted by Marcelo Batista, Cafeína has music, prank calls (trotes), and gossip. Weekdays 6-8am and weekends 7-9am.

Chupim Hosted by Barbie, Bartho, Beby, Judith, and Veneno. Chupim is the Cafeína and Na Pegada equivalent on weekday evenings in Sao Paulo. Monday-Friday from 6-8pm.

Deixa Rolar Deixa rolar is where listeners can submit a list of 7 songs with the name and artist to Metropolitana; they will be entered in a raffle for the playlist to be played on air, with a prize for the winner. Monday-Friday at 8pm.

Desafio The listener signs up by telephone or station website, and can be called at any time. The announcer (locutor), will ask questions about topics like the government, music, movies, etc. A listener who gets the majority right wins a prize. During holidays or special events, they have Desafio specials, like the world cup's "Desafio História das Copas".

Metronight Hosted by Priscilla Cardena, Metronight is the most listened to at night in Sao Paulo. Metronight has pop/dance mixes by the Metropolitana FM DJ and every half hour Priscilla explains what she's doing in the Sao Paulo nightlife. Metronight Production: Ariadne Moraes. Friday and Saturday from 11pm-1am.

Na Pegada Hosted by Rafael Cortez, Marcela Rocha, and Fabi Ferraz, Na Pegada is the Chupim substitute for Saturday. They give advice to the listeners and talk about topics like sex, style, and relationships. Saturday from 6-8pm.

Sem Parar 6 hours with no commercial breaks and prizes for the weekend like movie tickets, concert tickets, and season passes. Weekends from 12pm-6pm.

Seqüencia Yes Listeners can submit lists of 7 songs; if theirs are selected, they are played, and the listener wins a prize. Anytime in between programs.

Top-Hits The Top 5 requested songs on Metropolitana. Every day at 5.


Currently No

Contact Metropolitana[edit]

Listener Number +55 (11) 3004-7000

Phone Sales +55 (11) 3878-0985

Address: 2200 Av. Paulista (Floor #14), São Paulo, 01310-300

Website: (Portuguese)