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MET logo.png
League Cuban National Series (Group A, later West Div)
Location Havana
Ballpark Estadio Latinoamericano
Year founded 1974–75
Year folded 2011–12
Nickname(s) Guerreros (Warriors), Metros
2011–12 38–58 (7th, West Division)
Manager Juan Padilla



The Metropolitanos of Havana was a baseball team in the Cuban National Series. The Metros, also known as the Guerreros (Warriors), had historically been a poor team, though they were ostensibly the heir to the Habana teams of the pre-revolutionary Cuban League.


It was one of two teams based in the city of Havana – the other being the more successful Industriales.

Frequently, the National Series removed several of the best players from the Metropolitanos squad and sent them to Industriales.[1] Players including René Arocha, Osvaldo Fernández, Yasser Gomez, Enrique Diaz, Yadel Martí and Antonio Scull had begun their careers with the Guerreros, only to be sent later to the Leones.

The Metropolitanos ceased operations at the end of the 2011–12 Series Nacional.

Most recent roster[edit]

  • Catchers: Joquel Gil, Maikel Piñero, Lisván Correa
  • Infielders: Michel Fors, Wilber de Armas, Yusmani Guerra, Roberto Carlos Ramírez, Leguim Barroso, Ryan Oneil Álvarez, Joice Su, Juan Carlos Torriente
  • Outfielders: Alexander Barrios, Irait Chirino, Oscar Mesa, Eliú Torres, Starley Hernández, Brian Camacho
  • Pitchers: Luis Alberto González, Luis Felipe Díaz, René Espín, Heriberto Collazo, Rolando Hernández, Esdiani Puente, José Luis Larrinaga, Yadier Torres, Johan Caballero, Miguel Ángel Rubido, Ebris Martínez, Abel Viego, Rigoberto Arrebato

Notable players[edit]

Also: Osvaldo Fernández Guerra, Eduardo Rodríguez



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