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SageoEG - Metrovía - 001.jpg
Owner Fundación de Transporte Masivo Urbano de Guayaquil
Locale  ECU Guayaquil, Ecuador
Transit type Bus Rapid Transit
Number of lines 2
Daily ridership ~1.3 million
Began operation July 30, 2006
Operator(s) Fundación de Transporte Masivo Urbano de Guayaquil

Metrovia is a bus rapid transit system that has been developed in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and is now a widely used means of transportation in the city.

Line 1 was inaugurated on July 30, 2006. Line 2 is currently under construction while Line 3 was inaugurated on May 4, 2008. The system will consist of a total of 7 lines.

Metrovia Foundation[edit]

This foundation established by the city, with roughly 12 employees is responsible for overseeing the entire operation, they plan future lines and ensures everything runs smoothly. Unlike other BRT Systems' administrative entities, this one is funded entirely from space rental and other non-fare related income.[1]

Smart Cards[edit]

Smart Cards
Code Color Type Fare[2]
TM-G Light Blue General with photo $0.25
TM-G Red General without photo $0.25
TM-E Orange Students $0.10
TM-3 Green Seniors $0.10
TM-D Light Blue Handicap $0.05
TM-N Light Blue People with visual impairment 100% discount - Free Fare

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