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Helsinki Subdivision
Position of Metsälä within Helsinki
Position of Metsälä within Helsinki
Country  Finland
Region Uusimaa
Sub-region Greater Helsinki
Municipality Helsinki
Subdivision number 283
District Northern
Area 0.56 km2 (0.22 sq mi)
Population (Jan 1 2005) 1,005
Postal codes 00620, 00621
Neighbouring subdivisions Maunulanpuisto, Maunula, Patola, Käpylä, Pohjois-Pasila

Metsälä (Swedish: Krämertsskog) is a subdivision of Helsinki with about 1,000 inhabitants. It has predominantly small houses and it is situated between Maunula and Käpylä. Administratively speaking, Metsälä is a part of the Maunula district. The distance to Helsinki City Centre is about 6 kilometres from Metsälä. The primary housing type has been wooden single-family homes, and a lot of terraced houses have been in the area in the 1970s. Nowadays Metsälä has few unbuilt lots.

Metsälä can be separated into two functionally different parts. In the north, there is a residential area dominated by small houses. On the west side of this area, there is an urban forest belonging to the Maunulanpuisto park in the Helsinki Central Park. South of Asesepäntie and north of the Pasila railway yard, the business area of Metsälä is located. There are e.g. transportation and freight traffic companies in this area. The majority of the 1,020 jobs offered in Metsälä are located in this area (as of December 31, 2003). In the east, Metsälä is bordered by Tuusulanväylä. On the other side of the highway, there is Patola, or the old part of Oulunkylä.

Traffic connections to Metsälä are excellent. It can easily be reached by bicycle, mass transit or car. In the southeast part of the area, there is Käpylä railway station belonging to the Helsinki commuter rail system. Using walkways, Metsälä can be reached easily from the west through Central Park and from the east along the railway and through the station area.

Metsälä has few services and has to rely on neighbouring subdivisions.

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Coordinates: 60°13′18″N 24°56′27″E / 60.2217°N 24.9409°E / 60.2217; 24.9409