Mevlana Mosque, Rotterdam

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Mevlana Mosque
Basic information
Location Rotterdam, Netherlands
Geographic coordinates 51°55′16″N 4°26′30″E / 51.9212°N 4.4416°E / 51.9212; 4.4416Coordinates: 51°55′16″N 4°26′30″E / 51.9212°N 4.4416°E / 51.9212; 4.4416
Affiliation Sunni Islam
Country Netherlands
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Ottoman/Turkish architecture
Completed 2001
Minaret(s) 2
Minaret height 33,8m

The Mevlana Mosque (Dutch: Mevlanamoskee Turkish: Mevlana Camii) is a mosque in northwestern Rotterdam, Netherlands which serves mainly Turkish-Dutch Muslims. The mosque, named after Rumi, was built in 2001 and benefits from two minarets.[1] The mosque was voted as Rotterdam's most attractive building in 2006.[2]

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