Mevo Modi'im

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Mevo Modi'im

מְבוֹא מוֹדִיעִים
Skyline of Mevo Modi'im
Mevo Modi'im is located in Central Israel
Mevo Modi'im
Mevo Modi'im
Mevo Modi'im is located in Israel
Mevo Modi'im
Mevo Modi'im
Coordinates: 31°56′2.4″N 34°59′15.71″E / 31.934000°N 34.9876972°E / 31.934000; 34.9876972Coordinates: 31°56′2.4″N 34°59′15.71″E / 31.934000°N 34.9876972°E / 31.934000; 34.9876972
CouncilHevel Modi'in
AffiliationPoalei Agudat Yisrael
Founded byShlomo Carlebach

Mevo Modi'im (Hebrew: מְבוֹא מוֹדִיעִים, lit. Modi'im Gateway), officially Me'or Modi'im (Hebrew: מְאוֹר מוֹדִיעִים), is a village in central Israel. It is also known as the Carlebach Moshav.[2] Located north-west of Modi'in on Highway 443, it falls under the jurisdiction of Hevel Modi'in Regional Council. In 2017 it had a population of 246.[1] In 2019, a fire destroyed most of Mevo Modi'im.


The village was founded as a moshav shitufi in 1975 by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach,[3] who lived there in the later years of his life.[4] Some of the residents came to the village as a group from Jerusalem, following the direction of Carlebach. Many came from or through the former "House of Love and Prayer" which was first established in San Francisco, and later in Jerusalem. The group is a collection of eclectic individuals, including musicians, artists, organic farmers, wine makers, perfumers and specialists in many areas. Many excell in their field in all of Israel.


At its centre, the village has a hand-painted and ornately decorated main synagogue, painted by Yitzchak Ben Yehudah.

Mevo Modi'im has a variety of eateries including Luciano’s, HaChatzer, and Falafel al HaDerech.

Moshav residents built a new pavilion near the antiquities site[dubious ] on the moshav in memory of Esh Kodesh Gilmore who was killed in a terrorist attack on 30 October 2000.[5][6]


On May 23, 2019 a large fire destroyed most of Mevo Modi'im - forty out of fifty homes -, possibly in connection to bonfires lit in celebration of the Lag BaOmer holiday, but most likely due to terrorist arson since at least four individual fire origins were identified.[7][8][9]

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