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The front of the Mexic-Arte Museum.

Mexic-Arte Museum is a fine arts museum in Austin, Texas. The Mission of the organization is to enrich and educate the community through the presentation and promotion of traditional and contemporary Mexican, Latino, and Latino art and culture. The Museum’s vision is to enhance the collective pride of Latino cultures by presenting internationally recognized exhibitions and education programs.

Founded in 1983 and incorporated in 1984, Mexic-Arte Museum is The Official Mexican American Fine Art Museum of Texas. This designation, bestowed by the 47th legislature of the state of Texas, has resulted in the continuous production and presentation of internationally renowned exhibitions and educational programs at the Museum. Over the years, Mexic-Arte Museum has hosted thousands of families, artists, and scholars, while acting as a partner to various institutions, organizations, and businesses. These relationships have positioned the organization as both a home and a hub in downtown Austin.

Mexic-Arte Museum is one of a handful of museums in the U.S. devoted to the promotion and presentation of Mexican and Mexican-American art and culture. The organization has established an official alliance with both the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo institutions in Mexico City, Mexico. Exhibitions are wide-reaching and embrace both an innovative, contemporary curatorial effort, and a traditional, historical perspective. Past exhibitions of note, include but are not limited to: Aztec and Maya Revival (2008); Consejo Grafico (2009); and Miguel Aragon (2012).

Since its inception, the Museum has been recognized for providing exceptional outreach programs for underserved youth, with particular focus on the Mexican-American population. In recent years, Mexic-Arte Museum’s Screen It! education program has garnered several awards, positioning the organization as an emerging leader in the field of sustainable programming for museum education. In 2016, the Screen It! program was one of twelve awardees of the National Arts & Humanities Youth Program Awards.[1]


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