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Mexican Summer
Mexican Summer logo.png
Founded 2008
Country of origin United States
Location Brooklyn, NY
Official website Mexican Summer's Website

Mexican Summer is an independent record label founded by Kemado Records in 2008,[1] based in Brooklyn, New York City. It started out by releasing limited-edition, ornately packaged vinyl pieces.[2] Mexican Summer has since expanded its catalog to over 100 releases across multiple formats. The name is taken from the third track of the album Songs III: Bird on the Water by Marissa Nadler, which was released on Kemado in 2007.[3]


In October 2009 Kemado and Mexican Summer opened Co-Op 87,[4] a brick and mortar store in Greenpoint with several other record labels, an idea label owner Andrés Santo Domingo called a "vinyl co-op store."[5] They also built a commercial recording studio in the same location called Gary's Electric Studio.

In 2011, Mexican Summer and Kemado Records introduced a new subsidiary label called Software Recording Co. It is run by Daniel Lopatin, who records under the name Oneohtrix Point Never and whose collaborative album with Joel Ford, Channel Pressure, served as the label's inaugural release. Software Recording Co. focuses mostly on experimental electronic and dance music.[6]

One of Mexican Summer's biggest successes was 2010's release of Crazy For You by Best Coast which has sold over 100,000 copies, more than 17,000 of which were LPs.[7]

In 2014 Mexican Summer relaunched Anthology Recordings as its reissue imprint, serving vinyl and formats unforeseen. Without limitation to genre, Anthology Recordings works to elevate the reissue practice through responsibly sourced material, compelling design, and high-quality packaging.


Team members[edit]


  • Andrés Santo Domingo—President
  • Tom Clapp—Director
  • Keith Abrahamsson—Head of A&R

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