Mexican elections, 2008

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A number of elections on the local level are scheduled to take place in Mexico during 2008.

Local elections[edit]

Date State Voters have/will elected Main article Winner(s)
February 3, 2008 Baja California Sur Municipalities, State congress Baja California Sur state election, 2008
February 3, 2008 Quintana Roo Municipalities, State congress Quintana Roo state election, 2008
February 17, 2008 Hidalgo State congress Hidalgo state election, 2008
July 6, 2008 Nayarit Municipalities, State congress Nayarit state election, 2008
October 5, 2008 Guerrero Municipalities, State congress Guerrero state election, 2008
October 19, 2008 Coahuila State congress Coahuila state election, 2008
November 9, 2008 Hidalgo Municipalities Hidalgo state election, 2008