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Mexicana Universal Sonora
TypeBeauty Pageant
Local Coordinator
Ramiro Leal

Mexicana Universal Sonora is a pageant in Sonora, Mexico, that selects that state's representative for the national Mexicana Universal.

The State Organization has produced one Nuestra Belleza México in 1999 with Leticia Murray who was appointed at the same time as Nuestra Belleza Internacional México next year and one designated as Nuestra Belleza Mundo México in 2002 with Erika Honstein.

Prior to "Mexicana Universal Sonora" some regional competitions are held within the State as:

  • Mexicana Universal Agua Prieta
  • Mexicana Universal Alamos
  • Mexicana Universal Cajeme
  • Mexicana Universal Cananea
  • Mexicana Universal Fronteras
  • Mexicana Universal Guaymas
  • Mexicana Universal Huatabampo
  • Mexicana Universal Navojoa
  • Mexicana Universal Nogales
  • Mexicana Universal Puerto Peñasco
  • Mexicana Universal San Luis Río Colorado
  • Mexicana Universal Sierra de Sonora

Mexicana Universal Sonora is located at number 4 with four crowns of Nuestra Belleza México.


Below are the names of the annual titleholders of Nuestra Belleza Sonora 1994-2016, Mexicana Universal Sonora 2017, and their final placements in the Mexicana Universal.

Year Titleholder Hometown National Placement National Award Other Title Other Award
2018 Marcela Castillo Orduño Hermosillo
2017 Brenda Janeth Vargas Romero Hermosillo Mexicana Universal Hermosillo 2017
Until 2016 the Title was Nuestra Belleza Sonora
2016 María José Antillón Mayorga Cd. Obregón Top 10 Personality Fraiche Miss Earth Sonora 2018 (Resigned)
Nuestra Belleza Cajeme 2016
2015 Irma Cristina Miranda Valenzuela Cd. Obregón Suplente/1st Runner-up Miss Sports Nuestra Belleza Cajeme 2015
2014 Yamelin Ramírez Cota Navojoa Nuestra Belleza Mundo México Competed in Miss World 2015
2013 Vanessa López Quijada Nogales Suplente/1st Runner-up Nuestra Belleza Nogales 2013

Virreina in Reina Hispanoamericana 2014

Amazonas Girl

Look Oster

Miss Photogenic

2012 Gabriela Saldívar Preciado Cd. Obregón Nuestra Belleza Cajeme 2012
2011 Laura Palacio Nuñez Puerto Peñasco Top 10 Nuestra Belleza Puerto Peñasco 2011

Miss Earth Sonora 2011 (Resigned)

2010 Erika Bernal López Hermosillo
2009 Lorena Camargo Miranda Cd. Obregón Top 10 Nuestra Belleza Cajeme 2009
2008 Blanca Cecilia Montaño Moreno Hermosillo 2nd Runner-up 1st Runner-up in Miss Continente Americano 2011
Coordinator of Miss Sonora
2007 Carla Cardona González Cananea Top 10 Steps to Fame
2006 Melissa Estrella Pérez Nogales Top 15 Competed in Reina Hispanoamericana 2007 Miss Congeniality
2005 Jazmín Hurtado Parker Hermosillo
2004 Carolina Karam Baéz Huatabampo Top 20 Miss Congeniality
2003 Laura Almada Ibarra Navojoa Top 20
2002 Elizabeth Palacio Nuñez Puerto Peñasco
2001 Erika Peña Ramírez Hermosillo Top 10 Miss Queen Maya World 2001
2000 Ana Lourdes Astiazarán Nieves Hermosillo 2nd Runner-up Miss Photogenic

Edoardos Model

1999 Leticia Judith Murray Acedo Hermosillo Nuestra Belleza México1 Top 15 in Miss International 2000

Competed in Miss Universe 2000

Best Hair/Style Award

Best National Costume

1998 Lina Mercedes Samaniego Jiménez Agua Prieta
1997 Ana Laura Bernal Camarena Cd. Obregón
1996 Mirna Irene Miranda Torres Nogales Top 16
1995 Lourdes Guadalupe Portela Peñuñuri Cd. Obregón Suplente/1st Runner-up
1994 Abigaíl Kuñasich Gamero Hermosillo Top 16

     Competes in Miss Universe.
     Competed in Miss World.

1 She was selected by The Nuestra Belleza México Organization to represent Mexico in Miss International beauty pageant.

Designated contestants[edit]

As of 2000, isn't uncommon for some States to have more than one delegate competing simultaneously in the national pageant. The following Nuestra Belleza Sonora contestants were invited to compete in Nuestra Belleza México. Some have placed higher than the actual State winners.

Year Titleholder Hometown National Placement National Award Other Title Other Award
2013 Clarisa Lucía Sandoval Valenzuela Navojoa Nuestra Belleza Navojoa 2013
2011 Paulina Burrola Morales Hermosillo Top 10
2010 Jessica María Lerma Palomares Huatabampo Top 10 Miss Top Model 2nd Runner-up Reina Mundial del Banano 2014 Best National Costume
2009 Gabriela Bórquez Lacy Cd. Obrgón
2008 Stephanie Diaz Castro Cananea
2007 Lydia Bernal Liñan Hermosillo
Nilza Domínguez Aguayo Hermosillo
2005 Ana Patricia González Montes Navojoa Suplente/1st Runner-up Nuestra Belleza Sonora 2005

Nuestra Belleza Navojoa 2005

Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010

2004 Alexia Vázquez Verduzco Hermosillo
2003 Amanda Castillo López Hermosillo Top 10
2002 Erika Lizeth Honstein García Hermosillo 2nd Runner-up

Nuestra Belleza Mundo México


2nd Runner-up in Miss Mesoamerica 2003

Competed in Miss World 2003

Miss Personality

María del Carmen Félix Espinoza Hermosillo Top 12 Competed in the Reinado Internacional del Café 2003 Best Figure
2001 Carmen Valera Leyva Cd. Obregón 2nd Runner-up
Lizeth Pérez Rodarte Guaymas Top 20
2000 Karla Jazmín Arias Amarillas Cd. Obregón
Rubi López Ureña Nogales

     Competed in Miss World.

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