Mexicanero language

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Durango Aztec
Náhuat de Durango
Native toMexico
RegionSouth Durango, Nayarit
Native speakers
1,300 (2011)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3nlninclusive code
Individual codes:
azd – Eastern Durango Nahuatl
azn – Western Durango Nahuatl

Mexicanero is the Nahuan language spoken by the Mexicanero people of southern Durango and northern Nayarit. It has around 1000 speakers in the remote towns of San Pedro Jícora and San Juan Buenaventura in the Mezquital municipality, Durango, where they coexist with speakers of Tepehuán, and some 300 speakers in the Acaponeta municipality of Nayarit. There are significant differences between the varieties of San Pedro Jícora on the one hand and San Agustín Buenaventura and Nayarit on the other. The language is vibrant and spoken by adults and children.[3]

Mexicanero is one of the peripheral Nahuatl dialects. It uses the -lo suffix to express plurality of subject. Due to the loss of certain syllables it has acquired phonemic stress.[4]


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