Mexico–Pakistan relations

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Mexico-Pakistan relations
Map indicating locations of Mexico and Pakistan



Mexico–Pakistan relations refers to the diplomatic relations between Mexico and Pakistan. Both nations are members of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.


In August 1947, the Dominion of Pakistan (today the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and modern-day Bangladesh) obtained its independence from the British Empire. On 19 January 1955, Mexico and Pakistan established diplomatic relations.[1] In May 1974, Pakistan opened an embassy in Mexico City. In 2007, Mexico opened an embassy in Islamabad, however, due to budget restraints, the embassy closed in 2009 and in its place, honorary consulates were opened in Karachi and Lahore.[2]

In December 2004, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf paid an official visit to Mexico and met with Mexican President Vicente Fox.[3] In September 2015, the Mexican Senate held a "Week of Pakistan" to celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations between both nations.[1]

High-level visits[edit]

High-level visits from Mexico to Pakistan[4]

High-level visits from Pakistan to Mexico[5]

Bilateral agreements[edit]

Both nations have signed a few bilateral agreements such as an Agreement on the Elimination of Visas for Diplomatic and Official Passport Holders (2008); Memorandum of Understanding between the Mexican Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food and the Pakistani Ministry of National Food Security and Research for the Exportation of Rice to Mexico (2008) and an Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation (2015).[1]

Trade relations[edit]

In 2018, two-way trade between both nations amounted to $269 million USD.[6] Mexico's main exports to Pakistan include: plastic industrial tubes and automotive parts.[6] Pakistan's main exports to Mexico include: textiles, long grain rice, cotton and surgical instruments.[7] Pakistan is Mexico's 67th biggest global trading partner while Mexico is Pakistan's 49th biggest global trading partner, respectively.[2]

Resident diplomatic missions[edit]

Embassy of Pakistan in Mexico City

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