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Coordinates: 9°00′37″N 38°44′40″E / 9.010223°N 38.744509°E / 9.010223; 38.744509

Light Rail overpass over the traffic Circle of Mexico Square

Mexico Square is a traffic circle in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia named after the country of Mexico. After the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, Mexico was one of only five countries that refused to recognize Italy's annexation of Ethiopia. Mexican support for an independent Ethiopia was a key event in Ethiopia–Mexico relations.

The Addis Ababa Light Rail system has an overpass over Mexico Square.[1] In 2013, much of the square was demolished to make way for the train.[2] Mexico station is located about 500 meters to the east of the traffic circle.

There was a corresponding Ethiopia Square in Mexico City, which was also the location of a traffic circle.[3] Ethiopia Square was replaced by a metro station, Metro Etiopía.


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