Mexico at the 2007 Pan American Games

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Mexico at the
2007 Pan American Games
Flag of Mexico.svg
IOC code MEX
NOC Comité Olímpico Mexicano (in Spanish)
in Rio de Janeiro
13–29 July 2007
Competitors 400
Flag bearer Iridia Salazar
Gold Silver Bronze Total
18 24 31 73
Pan American Games appearances (overview)

The 15th Pan American Games were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 13 to 29 July 2007. Mexico participated with 400 athletes and 218 staff members (delegates, officials, medical and auxiliary staff).


Mexican athletes achieved the Mexican Olympic Committee goal for the National representation as they ended up placed at the 5th place in general medal count, same place obtained at the 14th Pan American Games.



Athletics pictogram.svg Athletics[edit]

Gold María Romary Rifka – Women's high jump
Gold Ana Gabriela Guevara Espinoza – Women's 400m
Gold José David Galván – Men's 10000m

Boxing pictogram.svg Boxing[edit]

Gold Carlos Cuadras Quiroa – Men's bantman 54Kg

Canoeing (flatwater) pictogram.svg Canoeing[edit]

Gold Gold José Cristóbal Quirino – Men's C1 1000m and 500 categories.
Gold Gold Manuel Cortina and Jesús Valdez – Men's K2 1000m and 500m categories.
Gold Manuel Cortina – Men's K1 500m

Diving pictogram.svg Diving[edit]

Gold Gold Paola Espinosa – Women's 10m platform and 3m springboard categories.
Gold Paola Espinosa and Laura Sánchez – Women's 3m synch springboard

Judo pictogram.svg Judo[edit]

Gold Vanessa Zambotti – Women's over 78Kg

Squash pictogram.svg Squash[edit]

Gold Erick Gálvez – Men's individual.

Taekwondo pictogram.svg Taekwondo[edit]

Gold Alejandra Gaal – Women's up to 49Kg
Gold Iridia Salazar – Women's from 49 to 57Kg
Gold María del Rosario Espinoza – Women's above 67Kg

Weightlifting pictogram.svg Weightlifting[edit]

Gold Carolina Valencia – Women's up to 48Kg category (First Gold medal for Mexico at the 2007 Pan American Games).


Athletics pictogram.svg Athletics[edit]

Silver Dulce María Rodríguez de la Cruz – Women's 10,000m
Silver Silver Juan Luis Barrios – Men's 5000m and 1500m categories.
Silver Horacio Nava – Men's 50Km walk
Silver Giovanni Lanaro – Men's pole vault
Silver Talis Apud – Women's 3000m steeplechase
Silver Ana Gabriela Guevara Espinoza, Gabriela E. Medina, Zudykey Rodríguez and María Teresa Rugeiro – Women's 4x400m relay

Archery pictogram.svg Archery[edit]

Silver Aida Román – Women's individual.

Canoeing (flatwater) pictogram.svg Canoeing[edit]

Silver José Cristóbal Quirino and Gilberto Soriano – Men's C2 500m

Cycling (road) pictogram.svg Cycling[edit]

Silver Alexandra Giuseppina Grassi – Women's individual pursuit
Silver Belem Guerrero Méndez – Women's road race

Diving pictogram.svg Diving[edit]

Silver Paola Espinosa and Tatiana Ortiz Galicia – Women's 10m synch platform
Silver Laura Sánchez – Women's 3m springboard
Silver Rommel Pacheco – Men's 10m platform

Gymnastics (rhythmic) pictogram.svg Rhythmic gimnastics[edit]

Silver Cynthia Yazmin Valdez Pérez – Women's individual all-around
Silver Ruth Castillo Galindo – Women's individual apparatus, hoop

Karate pictogram.svg Karate[edit]

Silver Bertha Gutiérrez – Women's under 60Kg

Rowing pictogram.svg Rowing[edit]

Silver Analicia Ramírez and Lila Pérez – Women's lightweight double sculls

Sailing pictogram.svg Sailing[edit]

Silver Tania Elías Calles Wolf – Women's one person dinghy, laser radial

Swimming pictogram.svg Swimming[edit]

Silver Silver Patricia Midori Castañeda Miyamoto – Women's 400m and 800m freestyle categories.

Weightlifting pictogram.svg Weightlifting[edit]

Silver Cinthya Domínguez – Women's up to 69Kg
Silver Damaris Aguirre – Women's up to 75Kg


Archery pictogram.svg Archery[edit]

Athletics Jorge Chapoy, Juan René Serrano and Eduardo Vélez – Men's team

Athletics pictogram.svg Athletics[edit]

Athletics María Esther Sánchez – Women's 20Km walk
Athletics Alejandro Suárez – Men's 10000m
Athletics Nora Leticia Rocha – Women's 5000m
Athletics Omar Cepeda de León – Men's 50Km walk
Athletics Procopio Franco – Men's marathon.

Baseball pictogram.svg Baseball[edit]

Bronze Mexican and Nicaraguan men's national teams, Bronze medal in Baseball, the game was cancelled due to rain, and the Organizing Committee decided to award the medal to both teams.

Volleyball (beach) pictogram.svg Beach Volleyball[edit]

Bronze Bibiana Candelas and Mayra García – Women's beach volleyball.

Boxing pictogram.svg Boxing[edit]

Bronze Braulio Ávila Juárez – Men's fly 51Kg

Bowling pictogram.svg Bowling[edit]

Bronze Sandra Góngora and Adriana Pérez – Women's doubles.

Canoeing (flatwater) pictogram.svg Canoeing[edit]

Bronze Anca Ionela Mateescu – Women's K1 500m

Cycling (road) pictogram.svg Cycling[edit]

Bronze Laura Lorenza Morfin Macouzet – Women's mountain bike
Bronze Belem Guerrero Méndez – women's points race

Football pictogram.svg Football[edit]

Bronze Mexico men's national team.

Gymnastics (rhythmic) pictogram.svg Rhythmic gymnastics[edit]

Bronze Ruth Castillo Galindo – Women's individual all-around
Bronze Bronze Bronze Cynthia Yasmín Valdez Pérez – Women's individual apparatus, rope, clubs and ribbon categories.
Bronze Blajaith Aguilar Rojas, Sofía Díaz de León Lastras, Marienne Montserrat Martínez Medina, Ana Cristina Ortega Benítez, Citlaly Quinta Álvarez and Sara Elizabeth Reyes Rodríguez – Women's all-around

Sailing pictogram.svg Sailing[edit]

Bronze David Mier y Terán – Men's Windsurfer, Neil Pryde RS:X
Bronze Andrés Akle Carranza and Jorge Xavier Murrieta – Men's double-handed dinghy, snipe

Shooting pictogram.svg Shooting[edit]

Bronze José Roberto Elías Orozco – Men's 10m air rifle
Bronze Alix Moncada – Women's 10m air rifle
Bronze Ariel Mauricio Flores Gómez – Men's skeet

Squash pictogram.svg Squash[edit]

Bronze Samantha Terán – Women's Squash.
Bronze Samantha Terán, Karina Herrera Zúñiga and Nayelli Hernández – Women's team
Bronze Erick Gálvez, Jorge Baltazar and Marcos Méndez – Men's team

Swimming pictogram.svg Swimming[edit]

Bronze Juan Veloz – Men's 200m butterfly

Taekwondo pictogram.svg Taekwondo[edit]

Bronze José Luis Ramírez – Men's from 68 to 80Kg

Tennis pictogram.svg Tennis[edit]

Bronze Santiago González and Víctor Romero – Men's team

Wrestling pictogram.svg Wrestling[edit]

Bronze Oscar Aguilar – Men's Greco-Roman 96Kg

Revoked medals[edit]

Gymnastics (artistic) pictogram.svg Artistic gymnastics[edit]

Bronze The Pan American Games Organizing Committee decided to revoke the Bronze medal obtained by the Mexican Women's gymnastics team (Marisela Arizmendi Torres, Maricela Cantú Mata, Yesenia Estrada Martínez, Érika Mariene García Aguiñaga, Elsa García Rodríguez Blancas and Yeny Ibarra Valdez);[1][2] Marisela Arizmendi Torres had an accreditation as an official ("As" accreditation) instead of being registered as an athlete ("Ao" accreditation), therefore the PASO Executive Committee decided to revoke the bronze medal and award it to the Canadian Women's team, who came up as 4th during the competition.

Results by event[edit]


Women's Team Competition[edit]

  • Team Roster


Men's Competition[edit]

  • 1:53:43.51 – 9th place
  • 1:56:26.50 – 18th place
  • 1:56:49.99 – 19th place

Women's Competition[edit]

  • 2:00:44.24 – 5th place
  • 2:01:00.46 – 7th place
  • 2:04:20.30 – 15th place

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