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Meyba is a sports brand from Barcelona created in the 1940s.


Meyba is a sportsbrand from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, created by Josep Mestre and Joaquim Ballbé. When they teamed up in the 1940s with a dream of creating classic swim– and sportswear, ME ‘y’ BA was born.

After years of successfully creating shorts, shirts and shoes for the popular beaches of Barceloneta, it was not until 1981 that Meyba became an international celebrity. By signing an agreement with Futbol Club Barcelona to provide all the sports– and leisurewear, the dream of Mestre and Ballbé was about to come true. During the 10 years that FC Barcelona wore Meyba apparel, the team won just about any prize and honour you can imagine. The team, with players such as Michael Laudrup, Diego Maradona, Ronald Koeman, José Mari Bakero and the young Pep Guardiola, will forever be remembered as "the Dreamteam V1". And Meyba with its bold designs, daring use of colour and the Mitica M symbol, will forever be remembered with them.

Today, Meyba brings a collection of casual sportswear that pays homage to the origins and principles of the old Mediterranean values.


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