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Meze Audio
IndustryAudio electronics
FounderAntonio Meze
HeadquartersBaia Mare, Romania

Meze Audio (also referred to as Meze or Meze Headphones) is a high-end audio company based in Baia Mare, Romania. Its product range consists of audiophile headphones and earphones.

Meze Headphones was founded by industrial designer Antonio Meze in 2011, in Baia Mare, Romania. Its name later changed to Meze Audio.

In the early years, Antonio chose to build the company himself step by step. He started small, acquiring knowledge by experimenting with parts already on the market. The aim was to change the perception of headphones as technical devices or as cheap plastic accessories and create a mature product, to fall in love with. Therefore, using wood came as a natural choice: each speaker enclosure cup was hand-crafted from wood, a departure from the standard plastics and polymers commonly used,.[1] FoxNews introduced the brand to the US public on the Fox & Friends First TV show.,[2] followed by CNET,[3] Wired Magazine [4] and Thrillist [5]

The breakthrough came in 2015, when, after many years of development and after a very well received Indiegogo campaign,[6] the Meze 99 Classics were launched. They keep receiving awards and nominations that are beyond anyone's expectations and are placing the 99 at the top of its category.[7][8][9][10]

2016 was the year when Meze Audio's earphones were released to the market: 12 Classics and 11 Neo, both in 2 color variations: Gun Metal and Iridium. Meze 11 Neo is a practical and go everywhere gadget, yet, on closer look, with hidden complexity, recognized by the hi-fi community for its great value,[11][12][13] while Meze 12 Classics are conceived to hide the high-end audio tech beneath a sense of style, leaving a lasting and strong impression.[14][15][16]

Meze 99 Neo came in 2017 to complete the Classics series.[17][18][19]

In 2018, Meze Audio released two new products: Empyrean, the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone, with a driver developed exclusively for Meze Audio by Rinaro Isodynamics and RAI Penta, a premium IEM, Penta Hybrid Driver Technology, with 2 x dual BA's and 1 Dynamic driver.

Meze Audio headphones are currently being sold worldwide, online and through retail stores.


Product Type Year released Availability
Rai Solo IEM 2018 TBR
Rai Penta IEM 2018 Available
105 Classics Open Back Headphones 2018 TBR
Empyrean Open Back Planar Magnetic Headphones 2018 Available
99 NEO Closed Back Headphones 2017 Available
12 Classics Iridium Earphones 2016 Available
12 Classics Gun Metal Earphones 2016 Available
11 NEO Iridium Earphones 2016 Available
11 NEO Gun Metal Earphones 2016 Available
99 Classics Walnut Silver Closed Back Headphones 2016 Available
99 Classics Walnut Gold Closed Back Headphones 2015 Available
99 Classics Maple Silver Closed Back Headphones 2015 Discontinued 2016
11 Deco Earphones 2013 Discontinued 2015
11 Classics Earphones 2013 Discontinued 2015
66 Classics Headphones 2012 Discontinued 2015
73 Classics Headphones 2011 Discontinued 2015
88 Classics Headphones 2011 Discontinued 2014
55 Classics Headphones 2010 Discontinued 2013


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