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Meze Headphones (also referred to as Meze or Meze Wood Headphones, LLC) is an audio company based in Baia Mare, Romania, founded by Antonio Meze. Its product range consists of high-end headphones and earphones.

Meze Headphones' brand defining trait is that each speaker enclosure cup is hand-crafted from wood, a departure from the standard plastics and polymers commonly used,.[1] Each model is iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPod, MP3, MP4, CD, DVD, MD and PSP compatible. Types of woods used for construction are ebony and beech.

Industrial designer Antonio Meze founded Meze Audio in London, UK in 2009. Its headquarters were later moved to Romania and its name changed to Meze Headphones. FoxNews introduced the brand to the US public on the Fox & Friends First TV show.[2] Meze headphones are currently being sold worldwide and reviewed by numerous publications.[3][4][5]


Product Type Year released Availability
11 Neo Earphones 2016 TBR
99 Neo Headphones 2016 TBR
12 Classics Earphones 2016 TBR
77 Deco Headphones 2016 TBR
99 Classics Headphones 2016 Launched January 2016
11 Deco Earphones 2013 Discontinued 2015
11 Classics Earphones 2013 Discontinued 2015
66 Classics Headphones 2012 Discontinued 2015
73 Classics Headphones 2011 Discontinued 2015
88 Classics Headphones 2011 Discontinued 2014
55 Classics Headphones 2010 Discontinued 2013


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