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Mezwed (Arabic: مزود‎) is a genre of popular traditional music based on North African Amazigh scale rhythms, believed by Tunisians to be completely different from Egyptian Shaabi music. It incorporates traditional Tunisian drums called Darbouka and a kind of bagpipe called a mizwad with a bag made from ewe's leather. Usually it is sung in Tunisian linguistic varieties. Originally the music of the countryside and the working classes; it is often played at weddings and parties. It has its own particular dances in which people may enter a trance-like state.

The themes of Mezwed are social, typically: immigration, racism, family and love. Nowadays new fusions of Mezwed, with Hip-Hop and Rap are becoming popular. Some of the most popular singers include Fatma Boussaha, Samir Loussif, and Hedi Habbouba.


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